Incredible Interior Design and Online Shopping in Australia


Are you familiar with Australian interior design?  Until I opened my Etsy store, I wasn't.  My first buyers were from Australia.  During my first month on Etsy, I noticed that 40-50% of my buyers were, too.  I did some Googling and learned some interesting things.  First, the talented ladies at Ada and Darcy had blogged about my store which had been quite helpful.  Second, I learned that Australians love color.  Images of interiors on Australian blogs and online magazines were full of lots of bright, happy color.  Noticeably more colorful than what I see here in the States.  My work is graphic and very colorful, so it made perfect sense.

Below I'm sharing some of my favorite Australian sites.  If you haven't visited these, you should.  It's interesting to see the different design aesthetic.  It's similar in many ways to what I see a lot of here, but punched up in a bold, fun way.  What do you think?

Ada and Darcy blog here and Ada and Darcy online store here

Jessie Lauren blog here and online store here

Absolutely Beautiful Things blog here and online store here

Ivy and Piper blog here, store here and online magazine here


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Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Wow! I didn't know all of these fabulous companies were Australian. My boyfriend is Australian, so the next time we go back and visit I will have to check out the stores that actually have physical locations!


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