Bold and Vibrant with Jamie Drake, Eileen Kathryn Boyd, Lynn Morgan and Alex Papachristidis


Last Friday, I'd had quite a week and posted some beautiful, serene, restful rooms that looked like just what I needed for the weekend.  I thought it would be fun today to feature some rooms that instead make me feel energized.  These designers are so skillful with color.  I'm afraid I'm too timid to attempt these color combinations in my house, but it's fun to look!

Alex Papachristidis

Alex Papachristidis

Do you have a favorite here?  I love the scale and the art in the second Jamie Drake photo.  The Lynn Morgan rooms are so clean and fun with all the white and the pops of vibrant color.  I'm crazy for the white, green and orange rug Eileen Kathryn Boyd used.  The Alex Papachristidis room with the leopard fabric and geometric painting is amazing.  Thoughts?  


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My Crafty Home-Life said...

Lynn Morgan, hands down! Wow, this feels so fresh, clean, bright..and cozy. I'm inspired


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