Eclectic Design How-to from House of Fifty


Do you have a favorite design style?  I'm so drawn to eclectic.  For some reason, eclectic is easier for me in casual rooms, but when it involves more formal rooms, it's harder.  My living room, dining room and entrance hall need some fun.  They are too uniformly traditional which is boring me.  I was excited to find the new online interior design magazine House of Fifty last week.  What an incredible resource! 

Of particular interest to me is a fabulous how-to article on eclectic interior design written by Christine Dovey. She addresses the part of the process where I have trouble.  When it comes to the formal rooms, I'm afraid to make mistakes. Fabrics, furniture and accessories for those rooms are so much more expensive, so I've played it too safe.  I haven't felt confident that I could successfully mix styles in those rooms.  As a result, I enjoy the more fun, colorful, casual areas of my house and don't want to spend time in the other rooms.  Christine Dovey's article is so helpful that I've been inspired to get to work.  The images below are beautiful eclectic interiors from Eileen Kathryn Boyd, Mary McDonald, Tobi Fairley, Armonia Decors, Daniel Pafford, Lauren Gold and Michele Bonan.  Which is your favorite room?

Lauren Gold via Lonny

John Loecke via Lonny

Michele Bonan via Lonny

Daniel Pafford via Lonny



Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Formal rooms ARE hard, and yet seem to be making a comeback after years of builders eliminating them from floorplans. My favorite here? Armonia Decors, it feels very inviting and livable! Thanks for the House of Fifty shout out as well! Janell

mb said...

My favorite? So hard to decide. What a great group of photos. Thanks for sharing.

mb from Dallas

Kerry said...

I never checked out House of Fifty until yesterday. Loved all of the articles and plan to spend a bit of time reading it today. The timing was great. I am working on an eclectic/ formal room of my own.

Retroprylar said...

So beautiful, it gives me so much inspiration.


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