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I'm wanting to commission an abstract painting for over my mantle in the living toom, so I've been keeping my eye on abstract art on Etsy.  If you search abstract art, the results can be overwhelming.  I even saw an Audrey Hepburn painting.  I decided it was time to relearn some art terms that I'd forgotten to make my life easier.  After only a few minutes online, I learned that what I like is Abstract Expressionism or Lyrical Abstraction, and Hard Edge Painting.  For over my mantle, I'm looking for something like the beautiful paintings below which from my 2-3 minute research are appearing to be Abstract Expressionism or Lyrical Abstraction.



Amanda Collis said...

Thanks so much, J, wonderful to be included here! It's a tricky task trying to describe the paintings, on the one hand you want to reach the right people, yet you don't want to use historical terminology that isn't strictly spot-on, and I'm often amazed at what gets described as abstraction. I tend to try to describe the paintings as accurately as possible with colour tags and associations but that being so personal it's very subjective and debatable. The painting you have featured a detail from is a case in point, I have little idea how to describe it to search engines. They have very strange visual apparatus! This is why I think we have to develop loose, everchanging yet high profile collectives online really to highlight one another's work. I'm quite hopeful that there will soon be more focused online selling points for independent artists though. We certainly need them.

Kerry said...

I love Etsy for art. There are some fabulous artists out there. I just bought a small abstract watercolor from an Etsy artist.
Nice post I love to see what other people uncover.

EastwoodArt said...

J ... Thanks very much for featuring my painting. I am thrilled!!

This painting was a loosely painted in lyrical abstraction. I have tried numerous times to paint in Cubist or Geometric abstraction but my brush has a way of it's own. I feel what I paint or .... I paint what I feel. View my other works at

Minden Reynolds

The Pink Pagoda said...


Thanks for the insight. It sounds like it's hard for the seller to label or tag and it's hard for the buyer to sift through all the art looking for a specific type of abstract. I know that if I try to narrow the results of an Etsy search too much I could miss the perfect thing.

I was too hasty with my photos and uploaded the wrong image of your beautiful painting. I've switched it with an image of the entire painting.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


Amanda Collis said...

Hi again, just to add, re. etsy, I've found very good art often by looking at other artists' and art lovers' favourites and more recently circles. I love that side of the site, also the art thread in the techniques and materials and via other art blogs.


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