Outdoor Autumn Decor


Fall is my favorite season.  After living through months of Dallas heat, the chill of fall is such a relief.  The lower temperature brings a renewed energy that is always very welcome after a Texas summer.  The weather also takes me back to the excitement and fun of back to school and football games (Texas again).

Ironically, the traditional fall colors we see everywhere between September through November are my least favorite.  As a result, I'm not big on fall/Halloween decor.  I like to do a general nod to autumn that can take us through Thanksgiving and skip the specific Halloween decor.  With my daughter being in her teens, she doesn't care what I do with the front porch.

Here are some images that provide the perfect inspiration for me.  Not themey, but instead simple and naturally elegant.  I know my opinion here isn't popular.  What are your thoughts?



Kerry said...

I totally agree with you. I'm just not into it. My front porch has 4 pumpkins and two giant pots of bright yellow mums. That's about all I can handle.Fall really seems to be the only actual season that gets too literal and themey in decor.

mb said...

Digging on this cool weather we are getting in big D. As for the fall decorations? I am not keen on the packaged look. I like your photo examples. Pared down.
White pumpkins might make it to my front door, then again, maybe not.

mb from Dallas


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