Last Minute Shopping


Books make great gifts, and if you have shopping left to do, they're easy to find and wrap.  I love to think of gifts that don't require having to go to the mall.  Ever since the mall here (NorthPark) added a section that involves a movie theater and food court, I'll do just about anything to avoid going.  But, I'm always happy to have a reason to go to the bookstore.  Big Easy Style, and Katie Ridder Rooms were my two favorite design books this year.  I'm not including pics of Katie Ridder's book, because I'm pretty sure you've seen lots of photos already.  Please pardon my awful photo quality.  I just took pics with my phone, obviously.  

If anyone has any novel recommendations, please share.  I promised my daughter I'd read the Harry Potter series, and I've just finished.  I want to go buy several novels to relax with after Christmas.  Doesn't that sound lovely?



My Crafty Home-Life said...

They are great! Thanks for the into to books that I am not familiar with. I just love looking at beautiful images again and again. It is funny how each time you see a picture, you see something new.

Tara said...

ooh, love the rooms! If you want something that I call a mini-vacation, a relaxing read, I love Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani...I have some others listed of hers on my book list as well...I've got less than 3 weeks until I go on a cruise, such a good time for all these book suggestions!


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