Blue and White Monday with Suzanne Kassler, Nancy Corzine, Albert Hadley, Mary McDonald, Pierre Frey and The Pink Pagoda


Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Here is some lovely blue and white inspiration to start the week.

from Suzanne Kassler's book Inspired Interiors

from Nancy Corzine's Glamour at Home



from Stephanie Hoppen's Blue and White Living

Fabric from Pierre Frey.  If you haven't visited this website, it's really fun.  One of my favorites.

From my Etsy store


Blue and White Monday with Carolyne Roehm, Markham Roberts, Mary McDonald, Palmer Weiss, Elizabeth Bauer and Campion Platt

Blue and White Monday with Diamond Baratta, Alessandra Branca, Meg Braff and Michael S. Smith


Lovely blue and white inspiration to start off the week.

Alessandra Branca New Classic Interiors

Michael S. Smith,  Style and Substance


Outdoor Spaces by Carleton Varney, Alessandra Branca, Mary McDonald and Carolyne Roehm


It's the weekend and time to enjoy being outdoors (if you're somewhere cooler than Dallas).  These outdoor spaces designed by four different designers are gorgeous.  Which is your favorite?

From Houses In My Heart by Carleton Varney

from New Classic Interiors by Alessandra Branca

A Passion For Blue and White by Carolyne Roehm

I love them all, but the Mary McDonald space incorporates blue and white, pagodas, and ginger jars.  That has to be the winner for me.  Happy weekend!


T. Keller Donovan -- More Blue and White


Are you familiar with the work of T. Keller Donovan?  I am a big fan.  First, he uses lots of blue and white.  Second, his interiors are very crisp and clean.  Third, he uses lots of chinoiserie.  What's not to love?


Blue and White Monday -- Beautiful Bedrooms


Blue and White is always so gorgeous.  Beautiful blue and white photos are an inspirational way to start the week.  I have found some incredible blue and white bedrooms to share.  While they all have blue and white in common, they are very different.  Which ones do you favor?


Carolyne Roehm from A Passion for Blue and White



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