Amazing Finds Around Town


I went to one of my favorite stores in Dallas yesterday.  It's called Again and Again, and it's owned by Leslie Pritchard who has a love for mid-century.  She has an incredible eye and knows just what her customers will swoon for.  She has a wall of fabric books (really lovely just might die for fabric) in case you find the perfect sofa or chair that needs new upholstery.  She has upholsterers on site that do beautiful work.  If you find a piece that needs to be painted, she can easily take care of that, too.  Sorry for the phone photos.  Had I known I'd be running down to the Design District, I would have grabbed my camera. 

This photo doesn't do justice to the paint on this incredible credenza.  It's got more blue and it's brighter.
I have a Hepplewhite sideboard in my entry, and I want this instead.  It's so much more fun.  

This is so amazing for a breakfast room.  The mustard upholstery's not working for me, but find some indoor/outdoor raspberry fabric and it would be perfect!

What color would you like to see these chests?  I'm thinking the shiniest, slickest black or white would be just right.

Don't you love these pink twin headboards?  I wish my daughter wanted pink and orange instead of blue and green!

I'm wanting to lacquer everything.  What color do you see working well on this credenza?  I'd love to see how it would look with high gloss emerald green.

LOVE these two arm chairs.

There are four of these and are sold with the two arm chairs.  The paint on them now is off-whitish.  I can imagine so many wondrous possibilities.  What are your thoughts? 

This photo is terrible.  The piece is actually beautiful.  The hardware is unbelievably fabulous.

Again and Again has a fantastic website that you should see if you have an appreciation for mid-century.  The photos are much better and you can see  so much more than just my few pics.  You can also learn about what this jewel of a store can do for you.  See it here.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and come back Monday morning first thing to see my surprise guest.  As you know, Mondays are reserved for blue and white loveliness here at The Pink Pagoda.  With this guest, you can count on a fantastic Blue and White Monday that will start your week off in quite a chic fashion!

This is a pin from the Pinterest board I'm showcasing today.  It's called Fun and Flirty, and EAS did a really amazing job putting it together.  I love it all, and you should go see it here.

Happy Weekend!



Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I needed that store yesterday in Virginia! I actually did find a few cool things but not what I wanted.
The first piece you have here is stunning but I think its all great.

kelly@refresheddesigns. said...

Wow, what amazing finds! I love those pink headboards and the last credenza in particular.

Renée Finberg said...

i am crazy sick over the night stands.


Ana Antunes said...

I am dying sick over the whole store! I wish there was something like that in Portugal or Europe!!! I loved the 2 arm chairs and everything else. I would behave like a kid at Toy's R us on that place!

IC said...

wow...i love everything


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