Blue and White Monday with Canton, Double Happiness and Hawthorne


Double Happiness from Horchow

Double Happiness from 1st Dibs

Double Happiness from Wisteria

Hawthorne from Red School House

Hawthorne from Petrie-Rogers Gallery

As you know, I'm a huge fan of blue and white porcelain.  That does not make me an expert though, by any means.  I would like to learn more about patterns and their sequence, and have been reading and learning online some recently.  I need to find a good book on the subject to have on hand.  The three patterns above are easily recognizable and I love them all.  Canton and Blue Willow are very closely related, and I think that's my favorite.  Double Happiness is growing on me, though.  Below are some iPhone photos I took around my house.  Everything is Canton with the exception of the last photo.  I'm seeing that pattern referred to by several different names.  Does anyone know what it's called?  What is your favorite pattern?

Mottahedeh Platter

Mottahedeh Lamp

Framed Needlepoint

I found plates, platters and bowls of the above and below at an antique mall here in Dallas about 15 years ago for around $2 each.  I used them for a big wall display in my kitchen after I purchased them, but now they're in the family room in bookcases.  

This beautiful photograph is from, and is on the amazing Pinterest board of Debbie McEntire.  It's called Blue and White and you can see it here.



Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I LOVE everthing but my favorites are the double happiness lamps! xx

Tiffany said...

I think my favorite is the Canton, but all are gorgeous. I really don't know much about them either except that they're gorgeous. I found some blue and white pieces in an antique store that was going out of business and got three jars for $25. I was so excited. They've since been packed but when I unpack them I'm going to have to check the pattern. I can't remember what pattern was on them.

Stacy Curran said...

Posts like this and the image at the end really make me want to start a collection! I think I like Hawthorne the best

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Oh, I love a great needlepoint!

designchic said...

I adore double happiness, and the framed needlepoint is wonderful!!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

There is so much of blue-and-white inspiration out there and these pieces reflect that the color combination is timeless..I am slowly adding to my collection.

so-chic said...

The pattern you like is called The Willow pattern, more commonly known as Blue Willow. It is a distinctive and elaborate pattern used on ceramic kitchen/housewares. The pattern was designed by Thomas Minton around 1790 and has been in use for over 200 years. You can learn much more on Wikipedia for example. Best regards.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Thanks for the comment, so-chic! The one I'm not knowing is the all-over floral pattern. Any ideas what that one is called?

marlene said...

Blue & White China Origins Western Influences
edited by John Esten text by Rosalind Fischell Photography by Olof Wahlund is a wonderful book. Do you have it? An excellent source on Blue and White.


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