Loving Mitered Stripes


Etsy store InMaterial

Etsy store InMaterial

What do you think about mitering stripes for pillows?  There's something about the graphic geometry that I really like.  When I was getting new things together for my family room 4 years ago, I showed my designer a photo of a Jonathan Adler Bargello pillow as an example of what I wanted.  The Adler pillows didn't come in colors that worked for me, so we walked through every showroom in Dallas trying to find fabric that would work.  It would be so easy to find now, but four years ago it just wasn't out there.  I ended up finding a stripe in great colors for my room and having the fabric mitered to create the punch I was looking for.  

To have this done, you have to have a very experienced seamstress.  To get the stripes to line up nicely is not easy.  I think these Etsy sellers have done a lovely job on their mitered pillows. 

I know I'm talking pillows today, but in my perusing of mitered fabric I ran across this mid-century ottoman.  How could I not share?  

This photo comes from Paige Ward's Pinterest Board Fabulous Fabrics.  See it here.

Happy Weekend!



ZéPedroRodrigues said...

I loved your post!
I loved the patterns, is really beautiful!
Zé Pedro Rodrigues

My Crafty Home-Life said...

That sewing is impressive. It is not easy to miter stripes like that. Very talented people.

Marisa said...

The pillows are so cute!!

Peggy said...

Ooooo, just checked your blog and saw this post. Thank you for such a nice write-up.


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