House of Fifty


House of Fifty

House of Fifty

The new addition of House of Fifty is out, and it should not be missed.  Everything in it is engaging,  helpful, and the photos are gorgeous!

There are lots of fabulous articles I'll be mentioning.  The beautiful photos above come from a very informative, comprehensive article about kitchen design.  That article is followed by a great article about necessary kitchen tools, and then followed by some scrumptious looking photos with recipes.  Make time to enjoy this amazing edition.


Karena said...

Oooh I cannot wait to read this issue!!

Art by Karena

Tiffany said...

Looking forward to reading this. Love the above pictures, especially the range in the first one.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Thanks for sharing the new issue of House of Fifty with your readers! Love this kitchen by Tineke Triggs....Janell

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

I am looking forward to taking more time to really delve into the issue it is so great...Janell did a great job, as usual. I was at the Dec. Center today looking at cabinet hardware and saw these that I've seen this....makes me want them!


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