Pink and Red Love


Pink and red are not just for Valentine's Day.  Look at the color in these amazingly gorgeous rooms. I think red and pink apparel can look smashing, too.  I LOVE them together.  They're happy, bold, and perfectly paired.   What do you think? 

via Nest

Sarah Jessica Parker

Valentine or anytime elephant mug from TPP on Zazzle

Postage from TPP on Zazzle

I would love to have my bedroom be EXACTLY like the second photo.  Do you like this color combination?  

The pic below is a pin from the Pinterest board I'm showcasing today.  It was beautifully put together by Christine.  See it here.



My Crafty Home-Life said...

I would love that bedroom, too! Would your husband be ok with it? SJP can wear anything!

The Pink Pagoda said...

He is so easy-going and doesn't care about decor as long as I'm happy! Thank goodness!

Ana Antunes said...

Absolutely love that combination. That wall on the 2nd bedroom is gorgeous! Is that wallpaper? Was it painted? Lovely!


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