Sarah Briggs


Usually, the finds I share are interior design related, but you need to know about Sarah Briggs if you don't already.  I had seen her gorgeous jewelry in press, but hadn't met her until I did a holiday market in December.  There were lots of talented jewelry makers at the show with booths displaying beautiful and tempting pieces.  I probably could have resisted the jewelry shopping spree had my sister not been with me.  I'm so glad she was because I got to meet Sarah.  She is engaging, fun and unpretentious.  Her entire booth was filled with incredibly lovely pieces at amazingly reasonable prices.  My sister and I both bought several items and are wearing them on an everyday basis.  We'll both be back for more here!

The photo below is from the Pinterest board I'm showcasing today.  This is a pair of Sarah's earrings shown on the board of her friend Lynette Eldridge.  See her fun style board here.


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Clare Christine said...

The first and the last pair of earrings are BEAUTIFUL! I just happened upon your blog and I think it's stunning...I love your blue and white theme in the background as well as your post yesterday on the interiors, great shots. So glad I found your site, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!
Twirling Clare


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