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These are the magazines that I'm taking at the moment.  I used to also receive Southern Accents (tear) and Architectural Digest.  I love magazines and coffee table books.  It's nearly impossible for me to sit in that carpool line or at home without pages to turn.  It's time to renew subscriptions, and I'm thinking about dropping and adding.  Do you subscribe to any?  Which are your favorites?  Do you have any recommendations?



Raina Cox said...

Let's see... I take HB, ED, AD, T&C and Verandah. The last one is up for renewal and I'm thinking about dropping it. It just doesn't spark any decor lust which is a prerequisite for me.

If I had piles of cash laying around I would subscribe to a few overseas shelter mags - Vogue Living Australia, World of Interiors, and Belle (another Aussie gem).

The Pink Pagoda said...

Veranda is the one I'm thinking of dropping. It's not doing it for me either. I love Australian interior design, but will just have to be satisfied with the online mags from there!

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I just get HB and ED. Used to get AD and TH but I barely have time to read the ones that I still get.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I take most of them. I really enjoy sitting with a magazine and looking at the images. I love online issues too.
Gorgeous images, Jennifer.

paperjunk-lc said...

I think Southern Living has really changed a lot and has had some great issues lately.

SuSu said...

Love HB, take TH but discontinuing (don't get the buzz), keeping Veranda, T&C also but still miss domino! And I can get the English mags rather easily but, due to high price, just get those that really hit me.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Yes! I've seen some posts about features they've done that look great. Thanks for reminding me!

Beth Connolly said...

I have dropped all of them except for House Beautiful and Elle Decor. I loathe the pretentious tacky homes in Architectural Digest. I get pissed off thinking about that magazine. Veranda and Traditional Home are both snooze fests - dull. Southern Living is still tacky. I think I'll drop Elle Decor too - I generally can't stand it - depressing homes. HB is hit or miss, but I still like it. I still miss so so so much House & Garden and Domino. Those were magazines! I love online magazines like Lonny and I love blogs - especially yours and mine. ;-) Gorgeous rooms daily for free. A no brainer! No wonder the shelter magazines are in big trouble. PS - Thinking about Coastal Living - they seem to do lots of Meg Braff, Palm Beach, etc. which I love.

ann chamberlain said...

I subscribe to the four you mentioned. I really miss Southern Accents and House&Garden. I also love the BBC Antiques magazine and Country Living UK. These are really hard to get rid of........They all seem to linger a while.
I have stopped Martha Stewart Living.
I have always loved to have a beautiful book or magazine to read.
Love your blog.

The enchanted home said...

I am an incurable magazine maniac. I have them all over and literally hundreds of my all time fave, Southern Accents are scattered about in this house. Cannot bear to throw them away.....lately I am enjoying House Beautiful and Veranda, am so so on Arch Digest, feel its gotten more modern, and non house related love Town and Country and Vanity Fair, have gotten them for years and years. I soooo wish they would bring back Southern Accents, to me that was the ultimate in great taste!!

Sanity Fair said...

HB has become my new favorite. It's taken years from me to recover from the trauma of no Domino... I'm often surprised at the great house spreads in Vogue - there have been some real winners there.

Anonymous said...

I take HB, TD, S. Living (disagree that it's tacky!) and ED. Dropped Veranda for the snooze factor. Plan on dropping ED because not my type of decor; homes too modern and stark for me. Really miss S. Accents. Have to say that HB is my favorite right now.

The Pink Pagoda said...

When I alluded to the demise of Southern accents I forgot to include Domino. Not enough coffee will be my excuse. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Tomorrow I'll go to or the like and add some of these. And, in case you use a site like that for subscriptions, look at the small print. They sign you up for automatic renewal unless you say otherwise. Very annoying!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I get everything you listed above except Verdana. I of course used to get Domino (hand over the heart) and Cottage Living - both defunct. I also get House and Home (Canada) and LOVE it.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

I do get some, but I have really had my nose on line to much. There is nothing like having print in you hand. I am going to get busy pinning here.

my happinest said...

Wow, very strong comments from Beth! Not what I expected after following her blog.
I wish I had more time for my mags, Southern Living, miss Southrrn aAccents and also Cottage Living. Dropping TH as I find it dreary. Also lovr Renovation Style.

Kathleen said...

I get HB, Elle Decor and Coastal Living! I love Coastal Living. We are all so casual in Southern California it is a great fit. I am almost scared to say that my mother gave me a subscription to Architectural Digest. (Don't kill me Beth!) Every once in a while I see a great resource for knobs or faucets or a great artist. Another thing, I love seeing the Coastal Living on my iPad. The photos are phenomenal and it makes the magazine come alive. Ooh, another thing...Tobi Fairley gave the heads up on Amanda Nisbet's new book coming out. I can't wait, so I pre-ordered it! Just to add to the collection:-) xoxo

designchic said...

I get all of the above, plus Coastal Living and Town and Country. Love looking online at magazines, but there is nothing flipping those pages

Kim said...

I get all those mentioned ... and am feeling like I should cancel them all for a year, because they are piling up and I don't have the time to really enjoy them! I want to keep them, I want to get rid of the clutter!! I agree with the comments about AD, however, I have enjoyed the introduction to new international designers where I have found some inspiration.

Frances Schultz said...

HB and Veranda of course, because I love them and also I write for them.Take AD because designers still consider it somewhat of a bible and I feel I need to know what they are reading and seeing. I think MIchael B is doing a good job at Elle Decor and the styling is interesting. You who have cooled on Veranda - wish you would give it a little bit longer. Editor Dara Caponigro is talented and cool and I am betting on her to take this venerable title to where it needs to be next. Coastal Living coming along nicely... Also love World of Interiors and many of the foreign magazines but have to take out a loan to buy them here.

Elizabeth Lee said...

Late to the game, but have to chime in. I subscribe to all of them, minus Coastal Living, which I'm considering. House Beautiful has my heart - I feel incredibly happy every time I see it in the mailbox (plus if you're one of those weird people who love to sniff book and magazine pages, HB has the greatest smell!). The World of Interiors has photos so beautiful it hurts, but I don't subscribe or buy it every month since one issue costs as much as a year's subscription to other publications. Canadian House & Home is becoming a favorite. It's usually a little modern for my taste but once in a while you'll find absolutely breathtaking traditional spaces.


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