Giveaway Winner, Coupon Code and Thank You!


Lindsay Wells is the winner!  Thank you to everyone who participated and for all of the lovely comments.   For the rest of the day, I'm offering 20% off with the coupon code 422ONEDAY20OFF.  This code will be active through midnight tonight. 

Thanks so much to Beth, from Chinoiserie Chic for sharing my giveaway with her readers!  I'm sure you all are familiar with Beth's amazing blog.  It's what I enjoy every morning with my coffee. 

Are you familiar with Pacific Family Homes?  Kathleen, an interior designer with fantastic taste, was so awesome to share my giveaway on her blog.  I've gotten to know Kathleen through being a customer and then being in touch online and she's a lovely person.  Her posts are always interesting with plenty of beautiful images.  See her blog here.

What about Seekers Bazaar?  Junell loves color and the thrill of the hunt.  She shares her finds along with other gorgeous interior design information on her blog.  She's also hilarious.  She left a comment on my recent DIY post that had me laughing all day.  What a story -- I wish I knew if it were true!  See her blog here.



Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Congratulations, Lindsay!!
Great giveaway, Jennifer.

Junell said...

Lawsy! That is the sweetest thing. So appreciate your "shout out." Off to use my coupon code ~ mighty generous of you ~ THX.
Promise the DIY stories are all true!

Kathleen said...

You are so fab!! Thanks:) I am so excited to do some shopping! I hope it is not midnight EST. Haha. Nite! K

Lindsay Wells said...

I'm so excited....thank you!!! Let me know what you need from me -- my email address is


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