Pinterest Questions and Magazine Wrap Up



Are any of you not on Pinterest?  It seems like we all are, but maybe there are hold outs among us.  What's your primary focus on there?  Mine is interior design, but when I follow people that also pin food, I see it, too.  And it looks delicious!  Does Pinterest ever make you hungry?  White cake is a weakness, but coconut cake is my downfall.    


I had a reader comment recently about the fantastic recipes she gets on Pinterest.  I thought that was interesting, and what a convenient source.  I'm there already.  Do you have any recommendations for food boards?

I got lots of good feedback yesterday about magazines, and it was interesting to see the consensus.  House Beautiful is a favorite.  Veranda and Traditional Home are not riveting.  There was disagreement on AD.  On this, I have to say that my parents always took both AD and Southern Accents, and I grew up flipping those pages.  I always enjoyed Southern Accents more.  I subscribed for a time to AD, but it's not as relatable for me.  Coastal Living was suggested, and I'm going to try it.  Town and Country was mentioned, too.  I subscribed to that in the past also, and found that I was mostly coveting the jewelry, so I gave it up.  Thank you for the suggestions.  While I adore the online mags, I still love getting one in the mail.  And how I need it in that carpool line!



Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I pin recipes too but I don't have an elaborate food board, its just whatever captures my fancy. I named the board "YUM" pretty easy to figure out.
On Pinterest in general, I am running across people who are highly suspicious of it. I think I mentioned that in an earlier comment. A few artists I know are just too busy so I pinned their work for them.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I love holding the magazine too, but I love the completeness of the online version. Elle Decor has lost me, but I love AD and Veranda. I too miss Souther Accents so much. I was in shock when they discontinued SA and continued with the other.
AND yes, I consider Pinterest the cause of at least 10 pounds of my weight. The chocolate eclair pie is on the menu for the weekend.
If you found a weigh watches board, let me know.
Happy Wednesday.

The enchanted home said...

Agree nothing like getting a juicy gorgeous mag in the mail!! Love the food pics, have a pinterest account, dont go on much have yet to succumb to the addiction that so many others have but it is amazing and those sweets up there look soooooooo good!

Like Me Some said...

My mouth is watering over those cakes...yummmmm

Raina Cox said...

That may be the prettiest cake I've ever seen.

And I may be the lone Pinterest holdout on the planet.

Wendy C said...

I am in Australia & have Home Beautiful delivered from the states. I also like Veranda but I really look forward to my Home Beautiful subscription. No, I'm not a pinner either.

My Crafty Home Life said...

I am so glad we don't live close... I can't stop at one piece of coconut cake. Have you ever tried the Peperidge Farrm frozen one? I have a cocktail interest board that rocks...or is it on the rocks?

Nancy said...

You're killing me with that coconut cake, it is my absolute favorite! I am wild about pinterest and can transfer then to olioboard.. It takes hours of looking! I need to get even more detailed with my folders. I love Elle Decor magazine and H B. I T&Cfor a year and thought it was all jewelry adds,too.

Brandi said...

I occasionally get on Pinterest when I'm looking for some color or inspiration. My boards are pretty meager, but I like looking - for a little while - at the pins others have pinned ... I have to be careful because it can get overwhelming, but it is a great place for cooking ideas!


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