Put a Bird On It


Schuyler Samperton

Have you seen the Trend Alert in the May Elle Decor?  Birds are everywhere.

Elle Decor

De Gournay

de Gournay

de Gournay

Royal Crown Derby


  I love decorative birds like the images above.  Sometimes they can be too cute and crafty for me though.  Where do you stand on all these birds?

                             This video is from Portlandia and is making huge fun of the bird trend.

Happy Friday!



A Toile Tale said...

I've been oddly drawn to birds myself, lately! But I'm with you.....not the crafty, cutie birds, but sophisticated birds....and I'm very particular about how beady their eyes are. They better not seem like they are watching me!
Linda @ A Toile Tale

My Crafty Home Life said...

That video is so funny. I am glad to see that birds are still fun to have. My laundry room has a sign that reads "laundry is for the birds".

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Darn, I only had a few minutes to flip through ED yesterday, so I did not see this. I would not say this is a new trend though. I like birds in moderation. They are on my chinoiserie curtain panels but I don't seek out things with birds.

Sanity Fair said...

I've never seen that show before but I have to watch. HILARIOUS! And I have, indeed, found myself putting birds on things lately... or at least buying a few.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Really, you're not seeing more of them than usual? BTW, your curtain panels are beautiful!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I am drooling after looking at all of these images! Wow, to have the wallpaper and mirror on the wall on the china on the table! A girl can dream:).
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at this video!!! I think birds go well with all things chinoiserie, and since chinoiserie is so prevalent now, I guess it makes sense that we're seeing more birds! Thanks for sharing the hilarious video!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Give me some chinoiserie wallpaper with a bird here and there and I'm a happy girl! :) Love the Portlandia video btw - such a funny show. Have a great weekend!

Junell said...

Some fly right into my decor heart & others can just flutter away as far as I am concerned. Am loving peacocks right now. Love them in toile/Chinois patterns for sure.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Love the chinoiserie wallpaper. So pretty.


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