Spring Table Settings and Easter Traditions


Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto

Joe Nye

Joe Nye

Joe Nye

Aren't these images just beautiful?  Alberto Pinto's table settings are unbelievable.  They are gorgeous and such fun to see, but completely out of the reality of what will happen in my house.  Joe Nye's settings, on the other hand, couldn't be lovelier, and are within reason for me to use as inspiration.  Do you have a table you're setting for Easter this year?  Any Easter baskets you're preparing?  

One of these sweet animals was in our daughter's Easter basket for her first eight years.  I thought they made a darling Easter keepsake and had so much fun choosing one each year.  When she was nine, a few weeks before Easter, she mentioned that she hoped the Easter Bunny would stop bringing the animals.  They grow up fast, don't they?  So that was the end of that Easter tradition.  Do you have any special Easter traditions?  We're having family in town, going to Church, lunch, and then enjoying the afternoon together.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!



Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

The most beautiful images. Happy Easter to you and your family.
I am adding you to my blogroll so that I don't miss a post!

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Happy Easter. the table settings are lovely. My husband and I are just trying to figure out our Easter. We have always gone to another family member's house but now that we live far away from all family we have to figure out our own thing. I am having a hard time getting motivated for a formal dinner, etc. when it is just us.

Junell said...

So pretty. Love, love, love the Herend.

Karena said...

These are gorgeous images! I love the Herend Animal Collection, so cute!

Art by Karena

My Crafty Home Life said...

What a beautiful post. Wow, I miss one day, and your entire blog look has changed. It is so beautiful. I am looking forward to your store. Happy Easter!

Marie Arden said...

Do you know the name of the china used in the Joe Nye table setting on the white placemat? Very chic

Beth Connolly said...

Happy Easter and if your daughter doesn't want the Herend send it my way! ;-) I am a collector.

Kim said...

Your daughter is very lucky! I just today posted on my very small Herend collection of bunnies that I am hoping to build on ... she will appreciated them one day and realize how special they are!! I am hoping to get my collection back on track this year!!


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