My Visit to the New Dallas Jonathan Adler Store


We have a Jonathan Adler store in Dallas and I visited Saturday afternoon.  When I saw that the store had opened, I was excited to go in and it definitely did not disappoint.  

The orange in this store may be my favorite orange ever.  I like it even better than Hermes orange.  

My family room needs two of these. 

The quality of the merchandise looks great in person.  The furniture is very well done and the lamps are gorgeous.

This bold blue and white contrast is so fantastic in person.  My phone camera just didn't make it happen here.

Incredible fixtures.  This one is my favorite.

This everything is amazing.  I love JA's irreverent take.  These lamps are his version of Staffordshire dogs.  

I snapped these all over the store.  They're perfect with the happy, fun atmosphere.  The people who work there are quite nice and friendly.  I'll be going back soon as my daughter was very sad to have missed this excursion.  Thoughts?



Junell said...

Love these! Also born on June 11th so lovn' that Gemini pillow w/ pinks & orange. Rugs are Fabu!

Lisa Mende said...

Love this post because I adore Jon Adler!!!! He is so clever, isn't he? I snapped tons of pics at market of his showroom and many are the same ones you snapped! You know what they say about great minds!! Love your new look!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Raina Cox said...

We have one opening in Denver next month and I cannot wait!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness, it would not be safe for me to be within driving distance of this store! Is it safe to say they will not open one in Birmingham or Montgomery? I would have to get another job to support my habit!
I will take the tray and the two benches please!! Oh, and the room divider!
Thank you for sharing. Great store.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Damn that man and his genius! What amazing eye candy. I could walk around there all day. And I love that last wall quote. Think I may have to make that my screensaver.

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Oh you lucky duck! I agree that orange is wonderful and there were so many wonderful, eye-catching things to add to my wishlist. My wallet just breathed a sigh of relief that I don't live close to one.

Like Me Some said...

So much eye candy! Can I have the desk and chair please, it's incredible as are the headboards! WOW!! If only he were in my budget!!

Jessie said...

I love going to JA's stores! I have visited the ones in New York and in Chicago and they are all fabulous! All their items are so colorful and chic, I wish I had the funds to buy everything from there! :)


Kathleen said...

Great photos! xo

My Crafty Home Life said...

I wish I could buy one of everything!

Jamie and Vashti @ Like Me Some said...

Can I just move into that store??!! Amazing! Love everything! I want that wallpaper in the first picture!


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