Dorm Room Inspiration


Last fall I kept getting all these orders from the same address in Austin, TX.  I looked it up, and it was the Pi Phi house.  I hadn't thought before about how my prints could work in dorm rooms and such, but it was interesting for me to think about so many of my prints in the Pi Phi house at UT.  Thinking about that made me want to create a dorm room inspiration board.  I'd never done one before, and I have to say that it was actually fun.  Some of these items are admittedly pricey, but they can easily make the transition to first apartment and beyond.  It's all an investment, right?

1) The Pink Pagoda Etsy
2)  The Pink Pagoda Zazzle
3)  Modern Chic Home
4)  Jonathan Adler
5)  Overstock
6)  IKEA
7) Inside Avenue


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Love it! My dorm room never looked that good but there was no internet when I was in college.

The enchanted home said...

OK that is absolultely the ultimate dorm room.....seriously ANY girl would be incredibly lucky to have such a chic room, would be the envy of all her friends!

My Crafty Home Life said...

With what college costs...the dorm room should look good. I love green and black.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I could have bought a car with what I spent on my daughter's dorm room four years ago. She loves it so much she is going back for another semester and internship.
It has gotten a little out of hand when it comes to decor, but it is one great business to be in during the summer before the little angels head for college. I can understand why they would love your prints. So happy and pretty!
I love your choices here. Emerald green is such a beautiful color.
Happy Saturday.

Lisa Mende said...

That is funny about the Pi Phi House! This would be about the cutest dorm room ever!!!!

The Golden Girls said...

O0O0 THAT IS GOING TO BE ONE HOT DORM ROOM! love the color palate and feel.. very kate spade :D Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

Albertina said...

I love it!! How cute.....Students nowadays have great options for not too expensive furniture like ikea/target/west elm for nicer my days the trick was getting to know seniors that were graduating and wanted to get rid of their gazillion year old stinky sofa we ended up using tapestries to cover.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That's one stylish sorority! I love the dorm room idea!!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

That is the cutest dorm room ever! My daughter would love it.

Kim said...

I just finished moving my daughter into her first apartment at college. We found a number of fun pieces at Brimfield to punch up the decor and the IKEA Sofa that I do hope serve her well for a few years!! Decor is way up compared to what I had when I was in college!!

Nicole Scott said...

Look at you! Shaping the minds and styles of tomorrow. Getting the inside track! I like your style:)

Heather | Vivid Hue Home said...

I would have LOVE for my dorm room to look like this! Those Pi Phi girls have great taste! hey...there's probably a market for your artwork in the Greek world...not kidding...the sorority girls would totally eat your designs up if you added their greek letters to your fabulous designs. (not that you need any boost in marketing you designs but college girls LOVE that stuff!)

Fabrik ETC said...

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