Pink in the Bath


I'm on Day 4 of my 31 Days of Pink.  The Nestor has challenged bloggers to post about one topic for a month and I chose to feature all things pink.  That will be so much fun for me!  I'll also have talented guests sharing things they love in pink.  I hope you'll stay with me for the month as I celebrate my favorite color.  Today I'm sharing how lovely pink can be in the bath.

House Beautiful

RONA by Design

Jon Vaccari

Sara Tuttle

What do you think about pink in the bath?  I'm loving it.  These examples are gorgeous and I'm wanting to redo my bath NOW!



A Toile Tale said...

What a lot of people fail to remember is that some colors make it difficult to successfully apply makeup, regardless of the lighting that you might use in the room. But pink! Ahhh, pink! Pink is a great color for a bathroom.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

One of the best spots for pink I think!

christy said...

My daughters room is pink and white, she just bought a really pretty pink and white shower curtain, and I have to say its really great looking.

My Crafty Home Life said...

Pink on the ceiling. That is so lovely. Maybe my daughter would like that, but only if she thinks of it.


That first image is killing me...want that wallpaper so much :)

Kathleen said...

I just added pink to my 1950's black and white tile bathroom! It's a beautiful raspberry. The walls are aqua with a bright floral shower curtain in pinks and blues with pink towels and soap. It makes me smile every morning!

I love your series. I had thought about Pink as my 31 Days but went with "Updates around the Condo" instead hoping it will push me to get some things done. Looking forward to more pink posts.


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