Junell from Seeker's Bazaar Here Today


My friend Junell is here today while I'm doing last minute One Room Challenge work.    You will love all of the gorgeousness she has to share.  She has exquisite taste, and I highly recommend her incredible blog.  Happy Tuesday!  Jennifer

Hello! Junell here from Seekers Bazaar. So excited & honored to be guest posting @ TPP.  Could have died when Jenn asked me to help out. Seriously, freaked out, put my eyes back in my head & said "Sure, Jenn, I do this all the time" not.... 

I am a huge fan of Jenn's, TPP, Designer Showhouses, Color & Palm
Beach Chic; that is my resume in a nutshell. Working on a renovation & will
be filling up my new/old home with lots of work that Jenn has done & will
be doing for moi. Jenn is busy
  getting her
husband to finish
with the last minute details of her big ORC reveal tomorrow
so I am stepping into to embarrass myself & hopefully not run off too many
regular TPP followers.

2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Have eagerly been watching the updates on the 2012 Traditional Home Designer Showhouse as I love showhouses. In my renovation we are adding cedar shake with lots of windows. Now my whole project would fit in the foyer of this gem so that is where the similarities end but love seeing how it all "shakes" out....

Eileen Kathryn Boyd
The pool house from the 2011 Hampton Designer Showhouse done by Eileen Kathryn Boyd rocked my universe. Bold combinations of lavender, turq & sunflower gold was pure genius. Updated Palm Beach Chic for sure!

Psych, 2012 has opened & I have been scanning the globe for updates. Posting my most favorites but know there is more loveliness lurking in the links.

The 2012 House is full of rock & roll surprises as well. The dining room practically has me speechless..... practically is the operative word here coz to render me speechless would mean I have passed on...just saying. Kravet is well respresented in this jewel of a room done by the dynamic duo Jennifer Mabley & Austin Handler. They chose some of the soon to be released Jonathan Adler fabrics from Kravet & I am busting to see this new introduction.

One of my favorite images from this dynamic duo was the 2010 Hampton Designer Showhouse Pool Lounge. Well before I had even heard of Pinterest so I had to dig deep through my image archives to find it. Pinterest ~  lifesaver.... why didn't I think of that.......

Mabley Handler 2010 Pool Lounge

Guest Suite via Quintessence
The guest room really pays homage to TPP creator Jenn who adores blue & white & why yes there are even some touches of pink, I know look close.... Jenn has single handedly turned me into a lover of blue & white which prior to reading TPP I would have bet; "it ain't gonna' happen in my lifetime." Great coverage on this beautiful respite by Jennifer McConell over on Quintessense

I first saw the master suite below over on Bright, Bold & Beautiful's Laura Trevey's Pinterest Board. It is def glam sophistication & luxe Palm Beach Chic in spades. I am mad for it. Those walls, divine.

Hampton Designer Showhouse 2012 Master Suite

The foyer by Lee Robinson is undeniably die gawjus! See more of this goodness over on Quintessence.  Sherrfabulous over @ Design Indulgence first turned me onto this insanely fabulous fabric from Jim Thompson seen on the bench below. Heart palpitations; I need a defibrillator stat.

Hampton 2012 Foyer

Just a smidgen of all the goodness to be seen. Traditional Home will have more soon on all the fabulousness. The house is open until Sept. 3, 2012. If you are in the New York metro area or near by The Hamptons you really should check it out. Buy tickets here. 

Here is the latest on my reno which thinking would be a great pool house for the Hampton Designer House......

Thanks for having me & can not wait for the ORC reveal from all the Girls Gone Wild tomorrow!




Blue and White Monday for Summer Style


House Beautiful

Aren't these Quadrille fabrics amazing?  My friend Junell, from Seeker's Bazaar, sent me a link to this image knowing I'd love it.

The three images above are from an incredible condo designed by Micky Hurley.  I'm over the moon for the white sofa with the blue piping.  And from what I see on Pinterest, I'm not alone.

Sarah Richardson

This is from the book Diamond Baratta Design.  The clean crispness of this room is fantastic.

And of course these four images are from Carolyne Roehm's A Passion for Blue and White.  Having a picnic in Dallas isn't the least bit appealing at this point in the summer, but these photos are lovely.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday!


One Room Challenge Update


These pinch pleat panels are what I'm hoping mine will look like.  In my family room that I'm redoing for the One Room Challenge in case you haven't been here before.  Cynthia Collins designed this room and is here in Dallas.  She has amazingly fantastic taste.  Her house was featured in this month's D Home, and Elizabeth, of Pretty Pink Tulips, posted about it here.  If you didn't see it, you really must.  

Wednesday, in my ORC post, I mentioned my new hardware possibly being too bright for me.   I'm over that now.  My husband held it up for me to see where it would be installed and I loved it.  I'm actually fine with shiny brass furniture.  In fact, I'd love to have some.  Like maybe a brass and glass Parsons table or Jan Shower's Harrison Table.  I just was a bit nervous imagining it over the windows.  The photo above shows that it's installed in the room now.  

I ran across this yesterday on Pinterest.  It caught my attention because of the windows flanking the fireplace.  It's the configuration of my room and the hardware is almost exactly like what I did.  This is a photo taken from a video where Emily Henderson is doing a great tutorial on mantel styling.  See it here.

Here is my Wall of Shame.  I photoshopped the white rectangles over the chairs because the prints that were hanging there no longer are.  For the One Room Challenge, I was supposed to finish a room in 6 weeks.  This entire wall has not, and will not change in any meaningful way before the ORC wrap up on Wednesday.  The good news for me is that I do have a plan.  It involves putting a chest on the middle wall.  Finding one I love has not been easy.  And I need some wall shelves/brackets for over the chairs.  Finding some that I like and have the depth that I need hasn't been easy either.  I've also been looking for upholstery for the red lacquer chairs.   The colors I need are pale blue and pink with a touch of red, navy and brighter pink.  That's a tall order, I've discovered.  I tried to design some myself on Spoonflower, but when my sample arrived in the mail, the blues were nothing like the blues in the file I uploaded.  They went way toward the green and that won't work for me.  Very disappointing.  And the mirror needs to be changed.  Some ideas on that, but nothing definitive.  I'm addressing the Wall of Shame today, because Wednesday, the final week of ORC, I'm going to focus on the positive.  I'll share what I end up doing.  I know that with the rest of the room done, it's going to drive me crazy to not have this wall finished.

A lovely customer of my blue and white porcelain shop sent me this beautiful photo that shows the ginger jars she purchased displayed in her gorgeous dining room.  After The One Room Challenge is over, I will be updating the store and sharing more from there with you.

Happy Friday!


Living Room Transformation by Eddie Ross


Have you seen this feature from Country Living?  It's a before/after living room by Eddie Ross.  I posted this photo as an inspiration photo for my bookshelves a few weeks ago, but only just last night found the article and saw the other photos of the room.  

My website, blog, logo and Etsy store are all pink and blue.  It's not news that I'm crazy for pink and blue together.  And I'm starting to notice it more.  So, back to these rooms.  Isn't that solid pink pillow on the toile incredible?  And, the pink ribbon on the lampshade is perfect.

The feature on this house is very interesting.  Eddie Ross used thrift stores, Target, and Home Goods as resources.  This is a room created on a small budget, but I wouldn't have noticed that aspect just by looking at the photos.  You can read about the transformation here.

This is the before photo.  Before/Afters are always so much fun.  I think that's why the One Room Challenge has been such a hit.  What do you think about this transformation?  And are you a fan of the pink and blue combo?


One Room Challenge Week Five


Welcome to my One Room Challenge update for Week Five.  If you've been following along, you know that Linda, of My Crafty Home Life created this challenge and invited some fun ladies to participate.  Basically, this is Linda's party, and I'm a very appreciative guest.  If you need to catch up, here are weeks One, Two, Three and Four.

I came across the above photo of this gorgeous room by Mackle Construction late last week.  The colors in it are so similar to what I'm doing.  I won't have a boat over my mantle in Dallas, Texas, but I really adore this room.  It's my new inspiration photo.

This Ashley Whittaker room is my drapery hardware inspiration.

Here's my hardware.  I got it on sale -- YAY! -- but when I unpackaged it, it looked a bit bright for me.  I like bright color, but I'm not used to bright metal finishes in my house.  The architecture just doesn't go toward the glam.  Am I just being too conservative here, or should I tone it down?  And if I decide to tone it down, how in the world do I go about it?  I'm not a DIY girl, unfortunately.  

I did go with this linen fabric for the panels.

And I showed the seamstress this graphic.  She told me what it's called, (I was calling it the wrong thing) but I already forgot the name.  I'll ask her again, but you probably already know.

I've been framing some art for my bookshelves.  This is the illustration that Laura, of Spun Sugar Paperie  did for my website.

This is a silhouette I made of my daughter.  It was so easy with just a camera and Photoshop.  I took the photo at night and the reflection is looks a bit unfortunate.  It's better in person.

I decided my bookshelves would be more camera ready if I took the dust jackets off, so that's another thing I've been doing this week.  

I'm supposed to get my reupholstered furniture Saturday.  My drapery panels and my new pillows will be ready by Monday.  If all goes according to plan, I'll have lots to share next week.  Thank you so much for visiting.  Be sure to see the progress of the other participants below.

Lauren - The Cottage Mix
Lindsay - Everything LEB
Barbara - Hodge:Podge
Tiffany - Living Savvy
Jessie - Mix & Chic
Danylle - Nana Moon
Jennifer - The Pink Pagoda
Emily - Rue de Emily
Lindsay - Sadie + Stella


Blue and White Monday


What an amazing combination of blue and white and Chinoiserie!  These are photos of the pool house of Blue Ridge Farm in Albemarle, Virginia and are via The Food Dog Ate My Homework which you must visit if you love gorgeous, tasteful interiors and exteriors.  I'm crazy for so much of the Virginia design aesthetic, and have been very interested to see that a majority of my customers are from the mid-Atlantic states.  I suppose it all really makes perfect sense.

I'm sorry to say that this has to be the shortest Blue and White Monday on record.  Guess what I'm busy with?  Of course, The One Room Challenge!  To not leave you with so little blue and white today, I'm adding the following links of loveliness.

Jennifer, of Belclaire House, is quite a fan of blue and white.  You can see lots of beautiful images here.

Beth's blue and white Pinterest board is full of gorgeous blue and white Chinoiserie.  See it here.

Kerry has a blue and white Pinterest board with so many pins I love.  See it here.

I'm participating in Emily A. Clark's Christmas in July.  Her sponsors are holding sales, and my prints are 20% off with a coupon code found here.

Happy Monday!


Happy Sunday!


Ashley Whittaker

Is anyone enjoying the outdoors?  It's too hot here to venture outdoors except to get in the car to go somewhere with air conditioning.  But if it were pleasant out, I'd want to enjoy this space.  I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  As a One Room Challenge participant, with only 10 days left to go, I bet you know how I'm spending the day! 


Decorative Drapery Tape


Richard Keith Langhorn via Southern Accents 101 Beautiful Rooms.

I picked up this Southern Accents publication at the grocery store last night.  If it's Southern Accents how can I resist?  This room by Richard Keith Langhorn is gorgeous.  That custom rug is amazing.  And just look what the decorative tape does for the room!  My post yesterday discussed my interest in adding this detail to my family room for the One Room Challenge.  I think the one I showed yesterday is too solid.  The one below is better in that it's more subtle, but it's still not quite right.  The blue floral that I'm using for pillows is shown in a photo below and has a freshness that I'm missing in this tape.   

This is the one I posted yesterday that's too solid for me.  I also want curves and not angles.

So, am I being too particular?  I need to get out today and see if I can find some other options.  I don't want to do this unless I'm completely happy with the choice.  It may be that it doesn't happen for a while.  I suppose I can always add it later.  I hope you're having a lovely weekend!  As for me, I'm busy One Room Challenging!


One Room Challenge Drapery and Around Town


It's the second half of The One Room Challenge, and I'm busy busy busy trying to put all the pieces together.  The photo above is one of my inspiration rooms and the drapery panels are very similar to what I want to do.  

Here's my family room pre One Room Challenge.  With the paneling and the vaulted ceiling, I think it goes a bit cottage.  What do you think?  I'm a former teacher, and have no education or training in interior design.  I'm just a very enthusiastic enthusiast.  And if you've been keeping up, you may be noticing that I keep repeating this.  Yes, I'm hedging.  

A trend I love is adding a header on drapery with a contrasting trim.  This is the fabric I'll be using with a trim sample I picked up at Rutherford's here in Dallas.  I love the trim with the fabric, but when I put it in the room, I got a strong feeling that it was just wrong.  Since I'm not a designer, I get feelings instead of intelligent thoughts about these things.  Putting something that goes too formal or sophisticated in here may be the problem for me.  Or, I may be wanting to keep it soft, and the trim would create strong vertical lines.  Who knows.  I think I need to not use trim, or use something very subtle, like a tone on tone idea.  Please share your thoughts.

A friend recommended that I look at the drapery panels at Restoration Hardware, so I went in Wednesday.  It would have been nice to not have to go through having panels made custom, but the colors didn't work, and the prices are so high it would be more expensive than custom.  Not good.  Also, they make you pay for fabric samples.  Each sample is $3, but you can return them.  I didn't really like having to pay for swatches, or having to run an extra errand to return them.  While I was there, I took some pictures.  I think I'm too old or not hip enough to get the Restoration Hardware thing.  See what you think.

I guess this is okay for a beach house, but not sure about it for Dallas.

Bad photo, but you can still see what they're doing.  What do you think of this concept?

This lamp was my favorite thing in the store.

Please tell me what you think about the panels for my family room and your thoughts on Restoration Hardware.  Happy Friday!!



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