Summer's Here Sale: 20% Off


With a minimum of $50, everything in my prints store is 20% off with the coupon code 20PERCENTOFFTPP through June 2nd.

On another note, are you an email subscriber?  Readers who have signed up to receive my blog through email have let me know they're no longer receiving it.  There have been new email restrictions put into place by certain email providers that have caused this issue.  I've changed the email address from which my post is sent, and I believe the problem has been fixed.  If you're not receiving my posts, please resubscribe (you can find the place to submit your email address in the sidebar).  Also, let me know if you're still not receiving.  I'll try my best to help!


1 comment :

designchic said...

I wondered why we weren't getting your emails. I'll resubscribe, Jennifer!


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