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I always love sharing new (to me) artist here at TPP.  I "met" Amira Rahim on Instagram.  She's a doll, and her work is gorgeous.  Obviously, she's very diverse in style.  I absolutely love the colors she uses and combines.  This first one, "Lagrimas," has all of my favorites, and I think it's amazing.

"Souk No. 2"


"High Born"

"Love Eternal"

"Summer In Dubai"

"Dinner Party"


"Prayer Rug No. 2"


"Souk No. 5"

"Souk No. 3"

"Souk No. 1"

Amira sent the following: 

* I'm 25, newly married, and recently relocated to Abu Dhabi,   United Arab Emirates with my husband's work being here.

* I love abstract art, and I'm very passionate about color.

* I'm always experimenting with new styles and designs, so it's a work in progress for me. I love this journey that I'm on and happy to share it with others.

* I've been painting and selling my original work here in Abu   Dhabi for the last year, and recently started teaching acrylic painting classes here in the city.

* I'm a New Jersey native, love to travel, relax with family, and sit and enjoy the beauties of nature like parks and lakes. 

* I'm a spiritual person, and enjoy painting as a means of quieting my own thoughts and reflecting on the human experience.

After looking through and admiring Amira's paintings, I wondered how expensive shipping was from Abu Dhabi, and asked Amira. As always, it depends on the size of the painting, but the examples she gave me were surprisingly reasonable.  I remember thinking that the cost wasn't terribly different from shipping within the States. That was happy news as I'm sure I'll be purchasing something from her in the future : )

You can see Amira's work on her website and in her Etsy shop.




So cheerful and colorful her paintings. Lovely ;) This is thee kind of thing the brightens up a room


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

The piece "Freelancer" is my favorite. Gorgeous work!

therelishedroost said...

Fun paintings!!

Amira Rahim said...

Thanks Jennifer for featuring my artwork! You included all my faves <3



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