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I'm sooooo very happy it's Friday.  This has been a long week, and I'm ready for a bit of R&R.  To that end, I'll partake in some binge TV.  It's getting cooler at night, and I'll want my throw.  I'm sharing some of my existing favorites, and new throw finds.  I've had a thing for the Jonathan Adler Nixon Throw for quite awhile.  In fact, all of Jonathan Adler's throws are fantastic.

Have you seen the new mohair throws at Serena and Lily?  

Gorgeous, right?

You won't be surprised this is my favorite.

So, back to TV.  Are you a binge watcher?  If you're not familiar with this new-ish phenomenon, you can read a description here.

If you'd prefer a visual explanation, watch this video.  I'd suggest you stop at 3:00.

Ten years ago, I would never have believed I'd take part in such behavior, but I am publicly admitting it here.  And, I know three blogging friends who are right there with me.  Let's see if they come by and own up : )

So, tell me, do you have a TV show you consider binge-worthy? Some of my favorites are House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, Damages, The Killing, Call the Midewife, and I could go on.....



Linda {Calling it Home} said...

OK, who are the other two people? I'm not sure if this is the time to ask you; but have you seen that Downton Abbey Season 5 is available on the Internet?

Is it weird to want a mohair throw in Florida weather? I think I need one.


Well....well.....I am confessing to be a proud "card carrying" member of the TV binge watching club!! I love all of the ones you have listed and have dabbled with funny! Some body told me about one called "Hell on Wheels" that I need to check out. I think it is on Netflix now.

Christina Baker said...


1. That video!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I'm actually meeting two cast members from the Walking Dead this weekend to add to our autograph collection on our "Walking Dead Poster"
3. I can NOT believe they killed Richard after he accidentally shot Chalky's daughter. Then they play that scene where it looks like he's really alive and happy but he was dreaming. OMG I could NOT stop crying!!!
4.I honestly predict this final season of SOA that Jax is going to kill Gemma. I just feel it. I just feel it.


Christina Baker

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Binge watching addict, that's me.

Kathysue said...

Great looking throws, I love to snuggle on the couch with a throw. The only time I binge watch tv is if I am sick and I might get caught up with a movie or two. I will admit to watching Consecutive Downton Abbey to get caught up with the season, does that count?
Happy Weekend,

Katherine said...

Love the throws to cozy up with {I need to find a better name for something so nice}.
I've never been a 'series TV watcher', but now I'm hooked on Downton Abbey, Boss {with Kelsey Grammer}, Suits, Damages {Glenn Close}, and Anthony Bourdain. Yes, it's an odd mixture.

Segreto Finishes said...

Fall is the perfect time for binge watching tv and curling up under a mohair blanket & the ones you've shown are stunning!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

BRASWELL said...

that video is so funny + true + love the throws.

Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

I am a huge binge TV watcher. There are so many shows that are favorites, I can't wait for Elementary to return this fall, and the new season of True Detective. Great throws! I hadn't seen the Serena & Lily ones yet. Fuschia is my favorite too!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

OK, I am the nerd that never really watches TV. I might have to start.

Karena Albert said...

Oh I am right her with you Jennifer....Binge watched House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Damages (which I did not think I would get into, but Glenn Close just draws you in!)) Love all of the British Masterpiece as well. Netflix what did I do before you came into my life!?

The Arts by Karena

kate@willowinteriors said...

Glad to hear (yesterday) that I'm not the only one with a tv binging problem. :) And that bedroom (today) is gorgeous! And I am beyond excited that come wednesday and thursday, I'm going to have a ORC blog binging problem! Woohooo!


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