My Annual Cyclamen Post


So sorry -- couldn't resist the pun.  Cyclamen are my favorite annual, and it seems I do a post sharing them annually.  I'm kind of obsessed with their vivid colors.  I shared the image below Monday, and some of you commented on the cyclamen.  This photo is from around Christmas last year. 

dragon planter here

The red cyclamen are perfect during the holidays.  I use them outdoors as well as inside in my blue and white planters.


You can also use these incredible pinks.

And you can never go wrong with white.  Isn't this just lovely?

I just love this cyclamen print.  It's from The Joy of Color -- one of my very favorite Etsy shops.

You can learn about the care of outdoor cyclamen here, and indoor cyclamen here.



TheJoyofColor said...

Love Cyclamen too, though my mom is the expert, she knows how to keep them longer time in the hotter weather in Israel
Thank you for featuring my print Jennifer

Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the growing tips. I think I might have to give cyclamen a try this year! Also just "favorited" The Joy of Color on Etsy; glad to have found a new artist to like! :)

BRASWELL said...

cyclamen are so beautiful + I have seen them cut in a bunch in Europe.

Segreto Finishes said...

Simply beautiful - and they look amazing against the blue and white. Such a treat to behold!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Lucy and Jenn said...

I've never seen these before coming to your blog, so thank you for introducing me to a new houseplant! The colors on the bloom and the leaves are quite beautiful. Jenn at East Meets South


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