Artist Reagan Geschardt's Abstract Nudes


I wouldn't be surprised if you've already seen this image. Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, transformed her closet for the last One Room Challenge.  Her space was quite a hit.  I see this image and others from her project in my Pinterest feed regularly.  The focal point of this wall is a nude by Reagan Geschardt. 

Albertina and Reagan worked together to create this spectacular color palette. Many wouldn't think to combine these colors, and they work together brilliantly.

I grew up seeing botanicals, paintings of family members, and equestrian art in my house and in the homes of friends.  For me, and actually almost everyone I know, having something that goes toward controversial hanging on the wall is unlikely. That's part of what I love about Reagan's nudes.  

They strike me as an incredibly tasteful combination of nudes and abstracts.

I'm impressed by the way Reagan chooses her color palettes. They're always exquisite and unique.  She's just completed three new paintings for TPP which you can see here.

Albertina is sharing about Reagan Geschardt's work, and about nude art today on Mimosa Lane.  Be sure to go check that out here!



Karena Albert said...

Jennifer, Oh I really love Reagan's nudes, they are lovely, and the color palettes work beautifully!!

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Albertina M. Cisneros said...

What a beautiful post and so eloquently written. I agree, these nudes are very elegant and graceful. You kind of even forget they are nudes at all. And the color combinations are almost ethereal. So lovely! Reagan is so talented and I'm so honored to own one of her paintings. You have such a good eye Jennifer!

Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

I love nudes! I have a Botero in our bathroom, which my children refer as the naked butt lady, and a Klimt that is currently residing in the closet. People always have a reaction to the Botero--usually not very positive. But I think there is something very beautiful about the naked form.

StagerLinda said...

Oh Wow! I love these colorful nudes. I have a charcoal nude on the gallery wall of my living room. She's a beauty--I would never hide her away. Reagan's nudes a exquisite!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So beautiful. I especially love the last one.

BRASWELL said...

love these + Reagan is one talented lady!

Segreto Finishes said...

So beautiful and I love the various color options! This looks perfect in the dressing area!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes


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