Textiles as Wall Art


What we choose to hang on our walls is important.  What's there is very prominent, and therefore greatly influences the entire room. Hanging different things in a room creates optimal interest.  I like rooms that incorporate paintings on canvas, art on paper framed and behind glass, decorative items placed on scones, porcelain plates and platters creating a display, and textiles used as wall art. Mixing it up is key.  It creates more texture and dimension.  If you have a large painting over your mantle, consider a grouping for another wall instead of another large painting. By varying what's placed on your walls, your rooms will look more collected.

This is an antique piece of linen from Hungary with blue embroidery.  At 35 x 36 inches, it would make quite a statement used as wall art.  I'm struck by how very traditional it is, but how graphic and bold it would be on a wall.  Of course, I love all the blue.  I have three large framed petit point pieces in my living room, and I've always been a fan of using textiles as wall art.



Karena Albert said...

This is gorgeous Jennifer. Are you selling it in your shop?

The Arts by Karena

therelishedroost said...

This makes me smile as I had to learn Hungarian embroidery whenI was about 5 years old, I still think I have the apron somewhere. I love textiles as design
and this one is special!

Improvement List said...

Love the look of hanging something like this on a wall. I am trying to pick between one large piece of art or a gallery wall to fill an empty wall space in my bedroom. This idea of using a large textile is giving me some good ideas....


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