Blue and White Monday: OKL News + Instagram Faves


One Kings Lane just announced the newest feature on their site. They now have a space where available items will be used to create vignettes called The Studio.  Many buyers aren't able to easily imagine how a product shown in a product image translates to their space.  Seeing items being used in a vignette can be helpful.  I'm sharing this news because the images OKL used in their announcement email are fantastic.  The crisp white walls with blue and white, wood tones, and neutrals is a look I love.

While on the subject of OKL, I should mention the Safavieh rug sale.  When I checked last, there were still some gorgeous choices available.

My favorite thing about OKL is the vintage section.  I consistently see pieces of furniture that are fantastic.  Granted, you certainly can find items for less on Craigslist, for example, but you'll most likely have painting, refinishing, or reupholstering involved.  

I do a fair amount of shopping on OKL, and I pay attention to prices.  You can get some great deals, but don't assume everything is discounted.  I saw this listing, above, and remembered the ballpark of what I paid for mine, below, on eBay.  The pair was somewhere between $30-40, and I vividly recall being annoyed with myself for buying only one pair!  

And, lastly, three favorite blue and white Instagram posts : )



Karena Albert said...

Jennifer thanks for all the beauty this Monday morning! Love the new feature on One King's lane and all of the crisp blue and white! Always like to get Instagram Inspiration!

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Pink Camellias said...

Can't get enough blue and white! I love going to garage and estate sales and Goodwill to find blue and white. I have it all over my house. Nothing fancy - no flow blue here. Just lots of blue and white. Still kicking myself for giving away a full set of blue and white dishes because I decided food looks better on white. What in the heck was I thinking?

Arvie Wilson said...

love the dot blue sofa... :)
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Callante Craig said...

i like this stuffs i love color blue!

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