Peonies by Sarah Hollander


Breathtaking pink peony blossom by Sarah Hollander

Incredibly talented photographer, Sarah Hollander, takes breathtaking photographs of flowers and creates spectacular giclees that are available in 11x14 up to very large scale. I'm traditional at heart, but prefer an updated, fresh spin. Sarah's art provides the perfect way to accessorize your space with botanicals while incorporating an updated, more modern look.  

You can't imagine my excitement when she sent me her latest work, these amazing peonies, to offer at TPP.  I'm a fairly decisive person, and I can't seem to choose a favorite.  

Spectacular Pink Peony by Photographer Sarah Hollander

Beautiful White Peony by Photographer Sarah Hollander

Breathtaking Pink Peony Bloom by Sarah Hollander

Dramatic White Peony on Black by Photographer Sarah Hollander

Isn't this one fascinating?  I want to see it at 40 inches wide over a mantel. Wouldn't it be a showstopper?  Sarah's peony series is available here.



Mary Ann Pickett said...

Absolutely breath taking!

Karena Albert said...

Gorgeous, she is superb!!

The Arts by Karena

Splendid Market said...

The final white peony with the stem is just stunning.


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