Blue and White Monday: Kelly Behun's Park Avenue Project


Kelly Behun has a flair for the dramatic which she took a step further with this Park Avenue project featured in Elle Decor's November 2015 issue.  These interiors are definitely not for the faint of heart.  My favorite room here is the bathroom.  That rug is fantastic, and the vases in the windows beautifully create symmetry.  



Karena Albert said...

Jennifer I really love the master bedroom!! So luxe!

The Arts by Karena

Lucy and Jenn said...

I love the bedroom too -- it looks so soft and inviting with that cream bedding. The chevron wallpaper is a little too zany for me, but the blue giraffe print carpet in the den with the llama art is really quite charmingly bizarre. Jenn at East Meets South

Laura J said...

Oh yeah, the rug in the bathroom is to die for . . . .

Ashleen Philipps said...
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Chelseayhun said...
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