Blue and White Monday: The Photography of Alyssa Rosenheck


Alyssa Rosenheck with The Chad James Group

Great photographers make great interior designers look even better.  Alyssa Rosenheck is one of my favorite interior photographers.  Seeing her amazing photos as I scroll through my Instagram feed is always such a treat.  I'm featuring some of Alyssa's photos appropriate for Blue and White Monday, but you should definitely visit her site to see more.  

 Alyssa Rosenheck with Sarah Bartholomew

 Alyssa Rosenheck with The Chad James Group

Alyssa Rosenheck with The Chad James Group

 Alyssa Rosenheck with Julie Couch Interiors

 Alyssa Rosenheck with Katie Harwell Gibson

 Alyssa Rosenheck with Katie Harwell Gibson

Alyssa Rosenheck with The Chad James Group

Having shared interior photographs through the years of various One Room Challenge projects, I know firsthand the difference professional photography can make.  I've also seen lots of ORCs where it was obvious the room was amazing, but the photography didn't allow the space to shine like it deserved.  Besides my ORC experiences, just being an interior design blogger has given me the opportunity to see and consider so many photographed interiors.  I have a huge level of respect for talented photographers like Alyssa.  What they contribute can't be overstated.  

In addition to visiting Alyssa's site, be sure to follow her on Instagram.  Her posts are always gorgeous.

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I can't resist sharing these new Christina Baker paintings.  With the color palette, they're perfect for Blue and White Monday.  They're acrylic on paper, and available here (unless I buy them first).


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Christina Baker said...

I absolutely LOVE the photography of Alyssa Rosenheck! I'm also recent new fan of the beautiful and sophisticated design of Chad James Group as well. Thank you for sharing my art in this, you were sneaky Jennifer! xoxo


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