New Christina Baker Paintings


 Three Miles Away

Five new Christina Baker paintings are being released through Elliot Fouts Gallery in Sacremento, California today. I continue to be amazed by Christina's work.  Her style is very much her own. While it remains recognizable as hers, it continues to evolve.  I keep thinking I can't possibly appreciate Christina's new paintings any more than I did the previous, but I always do.   

 Robin's Nest

 Blue Monday

Caught in Isolation

The paintings below were delivered to Bennett Galleries in Nashville recently, and within twenty-four hours they had all been purchased.

 Paper House

 The Sheep and a Lily

 White Rice

 Hudson River

Internal Dialogue

Little Bamboo

Aren't they all incredible?  It's no surprise they disappear so quickly.



StagerLinda said...

Wow! They are gorgeous. The dimension in the colors is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Vel Criste said...

All equally marvelous!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Clara Burro said...

Very airy with delicate colors.

Christina Baker said...

Thank you so much for the feature on your beautiful blog Jennifer! xoxo

Pink Camellias said...

Wow - they really are pretty. I really love the ones that have some pink in them. I love hearing of a working artist's success!

MelissaSmith said...

Love the fact that it's not all colours - there is space for "breathing". Quite interesting - I enjoyed looking through this gallery. :)

House@heart said...

They look so optimistic to me! I love the colours in Robin's Nest, especially the green!


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