Blue and White Monday: Curb Appeal


Gwyneth Paltrow's white brick house with navy front door and topiaries flanking the entry.
Gwyneth Paltrow's house via decorpad

While interior design is a primary focus at TPP, I also love being charmed by a home's exterior.  Ever since I can remember, I've fixated on facades scrutinizing and analyzing them as I peer out a car window, go for a walk, or look at home magazines.  I'm noticing more and more front doors painted blue, and it's a trend I like a lot.

The houses above and below are here in Dallas, and I snapped these photos with my phone.  I love them both, and I'm keeping an eye out for more : ).


Ann Jackson's One Room Challenge Dining Room


Artist Ann Jackson, whom I featured here last September, recently participated in Calling It Home's Spring 2016 One Room Challenge. Using her new line of wallpaper, Ann made over her dining room. It's quite striking, and D Magazine featured the project here.  

Isn't this puppy the cutest?  It looks exactly like my little Maltipoo, Sugar.  As Ann and I live in the same neighborhood, I'm thinking they should be friends.

See more of Ann's One Room Challenge project here.

Gorgeous photography by Elizabeth Lanvin.


Porch Weather


Southern Living

The weather here in Dallas has been amazing as of late.  Today began looking less promising with lots of clouds and drizzle, but it's cleared up, and I hear birds chirping.  How I wish I could enjoy this lovely time of year on a fantastic porch like the one above.  Soon, the Texas heat will be too much for me, and enjoying the outdoors and the AC simultaneously will be preferable.  The glassed-in porch below would be perfect for me in July and August.


I've been way too busy to stop and enjoy this gorgeous weather. I'm going to try very hard to take the time to make that happen before it's gone.  I hope you're able to go outdoors and indulge in this lovely time of year.


Blue and White Monday: Christina Baker


White Mangrove by Christina Baker

Christina Baker paintings aren't easy to obtain. Oftentimes, customers call one of the two galleries in which Christina shows, and purchase a painting before it arrives sight unseen.  It's not unusual for all of her paintings to be spoken for before they ever reach the gallery.  

Eleanor by Christina Baker

This doesn't surprise me a bit.  Christina's work is masterful.  Each piece she creates is breathtaking.  I'm fortunate enough to enjoy three of her paintings in my entry, and I'm touched by them every day.

Heather by Christina Baker

The work I'm sharing today is some of her newest, and of everything here, only White Mangrove (which is amazing and has the most gorgeous combination of blues I can image) is still available.

Southern Blues by Christina Baker
 Southern Blues

Since I've gotten to know Christina, her work has evolved.  I'm impressed by the way she consistently pushes herself to grow. While her work grows and changes, it stays recognizable as hers.  I see artists on Instagram who copy her paintings, but they're always poor imitations that don't capture the ethereal quality Christina conveys.  This is a topic I'll be sharing about soon, but for now, you can read some about it here.

Lady of Shalott by Christina Baker
 Lady of Shalott

Monday is usually reserved for just blue and white, but I can't resist adding these.  

Secret Places by Christina Baker
 Secret Places

Palo Verde by Christina Baker
Palo Verde

For more on Christina, see my Q&A here.  She shares lots of interesting information about herself, and there are many other spectacular paintings to see.



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