New Christina Baker Paintings


 Three Miles Away

Five new Christina Baker paintings are being released through Elliot Fouts Gallery in Sacremento, California today. I continue to be amazed by Christina's work.  Her style is very much her own. While it remains recognizable as hers, it continues to evolve.  I keep thinking I can't possibly appreciate Christina's new paintings any more than I did the previous, but I always do.   

 Robin's Nest

 Blue Monday

Caught in Isolation

The paintings below were delivered to Bennett Galleries in Nashville recently, and within twenty-four hours they had all been purchased.

 Paper House

 The Sheep and a Lily

 White Rice

 Hudson River

Internal Dialogue

Little Bamboo

Aren't they all incredible?  It's no surprise they disappear so quickly.


Blue and White + Purple


People seem to either really like the color purple, or they don't.  I fall in the "don't" category with the exception of florals, and when combined with blue and white.

Last weekend, I picked up these gorgeous purple tulips at Cebolla Fine Flowers, here in Dallas on Lovers Lane.  They had a fantastic tulip special with an incredible selection of amazing colors.  The tulips were so pretty in my blue and white tea tin, I couldn't resist snapping photos.

This to-die-for table is from one of my favorite ever books, Sophistication is Overrated, by Susan Palma and Babs Horner.  The purple hydrangea with blue and white linens and Herend dinnerware is breathtaking.

While decidedly not a purple fan, I've been intrigued by these two rooms for years.  With the addition of blue and white, the purple doesn't bother me a bit.  In fact, I really like it.

Kirsten Kelli

In this all blue space, the little addition of a bit of purple in the hydrangea is perfect.

"White Rice," this brand new painting by Christina Baker, is spectacular.  The new palette Christina's created with blues and a hint of purple is so sophisticated and beautiful.

 Mary McDonald
And, we're back where we began with blue and white Chinese porcelain or ceramics and purple flowers. Isn't it a gorgeous combination?

 Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm


Blue and White with Veranda House


For years I've loved seeing what the talented Brisbane ladies at Veranda House are doing.  It's always gorgeous, and their styling and photography is fantastic.  

I'm tired of the cold; these outdoor photos are beautiful and have me longing for warmer days.

Do you love it all?  These two can do no wrong in my book.  Go here to see more of their lovely work.


Blue and White For the Table


Sam Allen for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Gala via Sarah Sarna

Celerie Kemble Dining Room via Veranda

Seeing gorgeous tablescapes is always such a treat for me.  The possibilities are endless.  I love well styled tables in all colors, and tables dressed just in white. Blue and white is always my favorite, though.  This last photo is from my house.  Scattering small melon jars in different patterns on the table and adding greenery or pretty blooms is an easy way to beautifully style your table.  



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