New Christina Baker Paintings


I can't miss an opportunity to share news about Christina Baker.  She's both a good friend of mine, and an extremely talented artist.  Christina painted three breathtaking panels for my entry, and I had the pleasure of getting to know her during the process.  

She now has paintings available at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento, California. Everything I'm sharing is new and available there.  If you're familiar with Christina's work, you'll notice these paintings are going in a little different direction.  While I'm a fan of everything she does, I have to say that these new more minimal pieces may be my favorites yet.

I haven't shared all of the Christina Baker paintings available at Elliot Fouts Gallery.  Go enjoy the other absolutely amazing pieces here.

And, congratulations to Elliot Fouts Gallery and Christina for this exciting new partnership!


Blue and White Monday with Chango & Co.


While it's miserably hot here in Dallas, I absolutely am not ready for summer to end.  The end of summer means the beginning of school, which is never welcome at my house.  My daughter's starting her senior year, and it will be quite a ride.  A ride for which I'm not yet ready.  I'm going to pretend we're in the throes of summer and enjoy coastal style via the very talented design team, Chango & Co

These spaces make me happy -- love the striped rugs in the entries.  All of the white paint is wonderful, too.  It's such a bright, clean, fresh look.  I recently updated my entry and covered blue paint with white.  Everyone in my family likes it much better, and I'm ready to do the same in the formals.

Photos courtesy of Chango & Co.  Visit the site to see more fantastic spaces.


Q & A with Artist Raven Roxanne Wilson


Raven Roxanne Wilson has new, gorgeous paintings available from her "Girls With Flowers" series. They'll be up this morning, here, at 9:30 EST. Above is one of them, and while it's very hard for me to choose a favorite, I think it's the one.  I can't take my eyes away from the flowers -- the colors are amazing.

Besides the news of these newest Raven Roxanne Wilson paintings, I'm happy to get share Raven's Q & A with you today.


How/why did you first begin creating art?

I began making art as a young girl.  My mom is a talented artist and my parents own an American Craft gallery called The Zoo Gallery.  I remember playing in my mom's studio at a very young age.  My mom has always said I have a natural sense for colors.

What influences your work most?

The people around me.  I have a wonderful group of creative women that I am lucky enough to call friends.  They are a constant source of inspiration! I also pull inspiration from traveling, fashion, yoga, and nature. 

 photo via looklingerlove

How has social media affected the world of art and beyond that, you specifically?

It has done wonderful things for artists and anyone with a creative eye.  Growing up around so many artists I see how challenging it is to get the word out about who you are and what you are about.  Instagram is the perfect medium for that.  I love seeing into people's lives that inspire me!  I owe most of my success to Instagram. 

How do you create your optimal environment for painting? Do you use music?  Share 3 things from your favorite work playlist.

Music up and a candle lit.  I like to set the mood!  Miseducation of Lauren Hill, The Greatest by Cat Power, and Father John Misty (I like to mix it up). 

 photo via Olivia Rae James

What item in your studio do you consider indispensable? 

gesso, a good chair, and speakers

 photo via Olivia Rae James

What is your favorite museum?

I just went to The Hirshhorn Museum in DC and thought it was pretty rad.  But, I am going to Paris with my mom in October, and I have a feeling this answer might change.  

 photo via Olivia Rae James

What priceless, well-known piece of art would you most like to own?

Any of Robert Rauschenberg's combines.  They make me feel all jazzy inside!

Thanks so much, Raven, for telling us about yourself!

Raven's work is also available at Gregg Irby Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

  "Sunny Side Up" is one of my favorites there.

Be sure to run over to Raven's site and enjoy all of her beautiful, new work!


Friday Blues


blue lacquer sisal rug and lemon yellow fabric create a stunning workspace
Interior Design by Tilton Fenwick, and photography by Trevor Tondro

It's all about blue today.  How could this spectacular workspace by Tilton Fenwick from House Beautiful's July/August issue not catch my eye? Below is a nude by Reagan Geschardt that I particularly adore. It's simplicity is so graphic, and I've always been a huge fan of  blue and black together.

stunning original nude painting by Reagan Geschardt

And lastly, meet Mr. Peabody, below.  Wouldn't he be fantastic in a girls's room?  I've wanted to offer a peacock print for quite awhile and recently collaborated for the first time with an artist about whom I'm absolutely crazy.  See more here.
cobalt ultramarine sapphire turquoise and aqua create this updated take on a peacock print

Happy Weekend!



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