Blue and White Monday: Art


These two new amazing Christina Baker paintings were photographed hanging on a wall in Christina's studio before they were delivered recently to Bennet Galleries.  How I'd love to visit Christina's studio to see where all the magic takes place!  I can see that it's bright, clean, minimal, and sophisticated. As her paintings are always spectacular, it follows that her work space has to be gorgeous and inspirational.


 Half Past Two

Star Dust

Not blue and white, but I love this one, don't you? I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it.  Star Dust is another new painting available at Bennet Galleries.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I'm thinking about art studios at the moment because my daughter (an artist) and I will be moving to a new house in the next few months, and will use one of the bedrooms as an office/studio. The granny-chic style studio above, designed by Schuyler Samperton for a darling Los Angeles cottage, is adorable. I'd like it even without the dog : ).


Blue and White Monday: Cynthia Collins Interiors


I haven't seen a photo of a room in quite awhile that has captured my attention like the one above.  The straight lines and right angles the chairs and the upholstery create, along with the unframed, amazing Mallory Page painting, are the perfect foil to the tone on tone pattern of David Hicks', The Vase, wallpaper. The amount of color the Rose Famille infuses is perfect.  This exquisitely designed room is the work of Cynthia Collins, one of my favorite interior designers. What's more, she's a fellow Dallasite.  I know you'll enjoy the gorgeous images of her work I'm sharing below.  Check out her site for lots more.


Dallas Home: Subtly Sophisticated Mix of Traditional and Modern


This spectacular vignette is from the house I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  I'd been devouring my latest Luxe issue, and noticed a mirror just like mine in a  feature on a gorgeous Dallas house.  You can see more of the feature, and read about it here

Photography:  Nathan Schroder
Interior Design:  Homeowner with a bit of help from The Design Girls (Susan Palma and Muffin Lemak)
Landscape Architecture:  Laura Tyson


Mirror Two Ways


I was turning pages in the seriously gorgeous Luxe Dallas Fort Worth July/August issue, and saw the photo above.  Something looked familiar.  It took a second for me to realize that the mirror pictured is the same one I have in my dining room.  Mine comes off rather plain Jane in comparison (shown below) as I'm lacking the black and white marble floor and the panoramic tropical paper.  This is from the spectacular entry of a Dallas house that I'll be sharing more about soon.



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