Blue and White with The Pink Clutch


When Paige, from The Pink Clutch, asked me to provide the art to hang over her blue lacquered credenza for her recent One Room Challenge, I was excited.  She described her plan, and I immediately knew what I wanted to create for her.  I've been fascinated by antique Chinese textiles for years.  Particularly, imperial dragon robes.  Using them as inspiration for a large giclee is a project I've been dying to start, but haven't had the time. Paige's fantastic plan motivated me to finally get busy.  I've never attempted anything even close to this large or detailed, and it took months to complete.  My daughter drew the dragon which is obviously the best part of the scene.  Paige referred to "him," but my daughter tells me this dragon is female, and her name is Delphine.  

Have you ever seen a happier space?  Paige is from Florida, and she doesn't shy away from color.  The blue and white mixed with yellow, pink and red is amazing, and lots of fun. 

I knew when I heard that Paige would be in the next ORC that she'd do something fantastic.  I'm thrilled and grateful that she provided me with the perfect incentive to complete this project I've been contemplating for so long. That she's used my prints in all of her ORC projects is so very supportive and flattering.

I love that my new dragon print can work with varied styles and colors.  With a heavier, more masculine frame it takes on a completely different look.  It's now available at TPP, and I'll be adding size options.  It was created at 60 inches tall which would be quite a statement, wouldn't it?  Paige's is 46.25 tall, and at that size, it's plenty commanding.  Go here to see all of her gorgeous project!


One Room Challenge: Final Week November 2015


Entrance hall transformation for the One Room Challenge using Farrow & Ball All White paint, Karastan Carpets and a Christina Baker Painting

Yay!!  Jane's entry is finished, and she's very happy with the final result.  To catch up, go here.  I'll be editing and adding significantly to this post over the course of the day.  I'm starting very briefly, because I'm exhausted, and I'm not sure how many sentences I'm capable of stringing together at the moment.

Entrance hall transformation for the One Room Challenge using Farrow & Ball All White paint, Karastan Carpets and a Christina Baker Painting

I've been dying to show you Jane's new Christina Baker painting. Just WOW. Really, no words can describe how gorgeous this is. Oh, and if you haven't seen one of Christina's paintings in person, photos don't capture the loveliness.  She'd emailed us an image, but when we took it out of the box, Jane and I both gasped. It's that pretty.  And, it's probably one of the only times I've ever known us to be short on words : ).

Abstract Art by Christina Baker for The Pink Pagoda's One Room Challenge

Isn't it breathtaking?  Jane is THRILLED.

Entrance hall transformation for the One Room Challenge using Farrow & Ball All White paint, Karastan Carpets and a Christina Baker Painting

I've shown you the stair runner already, and here is the new area rug.  Both are from Karastan.  We've been very impressed by the quality, and by how great they've been to work with.  I love the herringbone pattern on the stairs with the subtle strip in the rug.  

Probably the most impactful change we made was painting.  The walls went from yellow to Farrow and Ball's incredible All White, which is now hands down my favorite new paint.  

DecoratorsBest provided the fabrics for the chair that you see just beyond the secretary.  You can see the gorgeous Lee Jofa fabric much better in the image below.

We used Ocicat in Sea Mist for the chair seat and Sweet Grass in Aqua for the welt.  This was my second time to work with DecoratorsBest.  They've been fantastic each time, and I'm looking forward to working with them again.

Entrance Hall Transformation by The Pink Pagoda for The One Room Challenge with Blue and White Chinese Ceramics

More on the secretary styling soon.  

Jane loves these two books by authors with Dallas ties, and had them both on hand for photos.

I was so excited Jane wanted to use this planter.  It's spectacular in person.

Why not use an umbrella stand as a vase?  These Monstera leaves fill in the bit of extra wall by the door beautifully.

A HUGE thank you to Calling It Home for creating The One Room Challenge and including me this round.  Jane says thank you, too, Linda : ).

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One Room Challenge Week Five


Thank you for visiting Week Five of my One Room Challenge.  The ORC is a collaborative blogging event created and trademarked by Calling It Home. Twenty design bloggers are redesigning a room over the course of six weekly posts.  I'm transforming the entrance hall for my friend, Jane.  She wanted an updated, fresh look.  Go here to catch up.  Next Wednesday, everything will come together, and I'm very excited to see this space finished.

Jane's wanted to add a runner to her stairs for years, and just hasn't gotten around to it.  I so understand. That's the beauty of the ORC; things happen.

Jane chose Karastan's Cobble Ridge in Driftwood for her runner. Isn't this woven herringbone pattern fantastic?  And, the color is such a perfect neutral.  It doesn't have undertones that create problems, and it's light, but not too light to be practical.  Jane wanted this runner to last, and stairs get lots of wear.  The wool and acrylic blend of Cobble Ridge is the perfect option.  

National Karastan Month, which takes place through November 9th, includes all luxury Karastan carpets, and features the lowest prices of the season.  Go here for a coupon and to learn more. Karastan is also hosting a giveaway, which you can find here.  

I have to include a close up of these rods which provide the perfect finish to the stair runner. Jane and her family love the improvement the runner creates. Working with Karastan has been so easy, and I'm impressed by the quality of their carpet.  We've been so pleased that we ordered the area rug from them, too.  It should be at Jane's house by the end of the week, and we're excited to see it in place.

Can you guess where these colors can be found? Hint: It arrived today, and words can't describe.  I can't wait to show you next week!

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One Room Challenge Week Four


Oh my dear goodness, it's Week Four.  I'm keeping it super short today, because I'm horrifyingly behind on ORC, and I have a high school senior with college apps due. Not great timing.  Catch up on my project here.

I'm dying to see the painting Christina Baker is creating for Jane's entry.  Above is a sneak peek.  I can see that it's going to be breathtaking, and I cannot wait to see it hanging on the wall.  It will be the focal point of the entrance, and I know from experience how much Jane will love getting to enjoy Christina's art everyday.

The absolutely gorgeous Farrow and Ball All White is finally on the walls, and you can see what a difference the new new paint color creates. 

DecoratorsBest sent us this fantastic Lee Jofa fabric. The chair's just arrived back from the upholsterer's, and it's incredible.  

This is something to which I'm very much looking forward. Jane removed everything form her secretary, and I get free reign styling. Can you guess what I'll use?  : )

Here's a shot of Jane's fixture.  It's lovely, but Jane's wanting something with more weight.  We had a lantern chosen, but Jane decided against it.  And, everything else we saw.  She made the observation that there are four or five different styles, and many companies have their very similar version.  

I forgot I had this lantern, but ran across it while looking for something else.  I offered it to Jane, and she immediately saw the possibilities.  It's being refurbished which is actually fairly expensive. Using my old lantern won't save any money, but she's excited to have something a bit more unique. I'm really looking forward to seeing this transformed. 

Thank you for checking in on my ORC! 

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