Blue and White Monday -- Choose a Dining Room


#1 Diamond Baratta

#2 Phoebe Howard

#3 Katie Ridder

#4 Alex Vervoordt

#5 Grant K. Gibson

#6 Katie Rosenfeld

#7 Barrie Benson

#8 Lynn Morgan

#9 Bill Eubanks

#10 Katie Rosenfeld

Last Monday I posted photos of gorgeous living rooms with blue and white and asked readers to choose a favorite.  That's what I'm doing today with dining rooms.  I'll be doing bedrooms next week.  I can't wait to post all of the winning rooms in the Blue and White Monday post the week after.  It will be so interesting for me to see all the rooms you chose together in one post.  Please take a second this week to vote for a dining room, and share which you chose and why.  This week, I have a room I'm predicting will win.  I can't wait to see if I'm right!


Bedrooms Then and Now


David Kaihoi

I did three posts at the beginning of March on changing styles and tastes in interior design.  One on foyers, one on living rooms, and one on dining rooms.  I had looked through some of my older design books and was struck by how much my tastes had broadened.  I posted photos of specific pages I had marked in the older books along with photos of what I'm liking now.  In the former posts, I have to say that while I'm drawn to the newer look, I still love the older, too.  In the case of the bedroom then and now, it's pretty much just the now for me.  I needed a break from scanning pages in the older design books, so I didn't get around to finishing with the bedrooms until now.  Please share your thoughts.  When I did this series, it was so interesting to read your comments.  I had a very perceptive reader list for me the specific elements I'm drawn to now just from looking at the pictures I posted.  I couldn't have verbalized it as it was just subconscious for me.  But, it was so helpful for me to know specifically.  Please tell me what you're thinking about how styles have changed.  Have your preferences changed?

The following three are from my older design books.


Southern Style

Brunschwig and Fils

The below photos are bedrooms I love now.  I could be happy in each of them.

David Cafiero

Alessandra Branca

Kendall Wilkenson

Phoebe Howard

Miles Redd

Mary McDonald

Amanda Nisbet
Betsy Burnham from Western Interiors

Atlanta Homes Magazine

So are you a then, now, or both person?


Blue and White Monday -- Choose a Living Area


#1  Patrick Wade and Paul DeMattei

#2 Barclay Butera

#3 Home of Tory Burch

#4 Meg Braff

#5 Phoebe Howard

#6 Diamond Baratta

#7 Jill Litner Kaplan

#8 Mary McDonald

#9 Mark Hampton

#10 Aerin Lauder

Last Monday I posted photos of gorgeous foyers with blue and white and asked readers to choose a favorite.  That's what I'm doing today with living areas.  I'll do dining rooms and bedrooms next week and the next.  I can't wait to post all of the winning rooms in the Blue and White Monday post the week after.  It will be so interesting to see what a house you'd put together would look like!  Thank you so much for participating last week.  Please take a second this week to vote for a living area, and share which you chose.  I'd love to hear what you think. I know choosing one of these beautiful rooms will not be easy, but I know you're up to the challenge!

My friend Linda, at My Crafty Home Life, is hosting a fabric giveaway.  She has 5 yards of Laura Ashely fabric in blue and white stripe.  Have I shared my love of mitered stripes?  This fabric would miter perfectly for pillows.  And be great window shade fabric.  Linda has lots of pretty inspiration photos.  See her giveaway here.

Do you remember this dish towel I found on Etsy?  Rachel, a Pinterest friend, shared that she has the same one and had it framed, which is a smart thing to do with it.  It's too pretty to use!  She has it on her "Decor I Like" board.


The Home of Interior Designer Andrea Brooks and Emily A. Clark on Joss and Main


Can you believe this?  I'm crazy for the house of Arkansas Interior Designer Andrea Brooks.  At Home in Arkansas did a feature of her home, and I'm so happy they did!  I love everything about this colorful, comfortable, gorgeous and inviting house.  

Part of the At Home feature includes an interesting interview with Andrea about the process of designing her home that you can see here.  I'm including a small piece of the feature below.

Designer Andrea Brooks’ top color tips 
1) In kitchens and bathrooms, select all large fixed elements, such as flooring and countertops, before the paint color. It's much easier to select a paint color to coordinate with those elements than vice-versa.

2) Paint undertones make all the difference. Even when selecting a neutral color, you must consider the undertones in your carpets, tile and fabrics to make the right choice. Comparing colors to one another will help you see undertones more clearly, for instance, a blue/gray compared to a green/gray or a yellow/beige compared to a green/beige.

3) Don't sample paint color directly on the wall. You will only be comparing the new color to the old color and won't get an accurate read. Paint your sample on the top half of a sheet of white poster board. Look at the sample in morning and afternoon light to see how it changes.

4) Don't select a color solely based on loving it in your friend or neighbor's house. There are several factors that go into a room's overall success besides paint color.

5) Layer different hues of a color in a room to bring depth and interest.

6) When you commit to a bolder choice of wall color in a living area, bring that color into neighboring rooms through accessories, art, fabrics or rugs to create flow.

Do you have a favorite here?  I have to say that I love all, but the first room is my favorite.  The varying shades of pink along with the green pillows, black and gold accents and Chinoiserie is incredible.  The photo below shows another reason I was so excited to see this home.

This is our dog on the living room rug.  I'd had a designer imply a few years ago that it wasn't possible to create a fresher more comfortable and eclectic look in my formals with my Persian rugs.  Did you notice Andrea Brooks has similar rugs in two of her rooms?  She created spaces with the rugs that look very fresh and vibrant.  I'm so glad to see such beautiful examples of how it can be done!

In case you haven't seen this, I want to share that Emily A. Clarke has curated a collection that will be featured on Joss and Main today.  She's got huge talent and an amazing eye.  I will be at Joss and Main today when her collection goes live!



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