Blue and White Monday -- Choose a Dining Room


#1 Diamond Baratta

#2 Phoebe Howard

#3 Katie Ridder

#4 Alex Vervoordt

#5 Grant K. Gibson

#6 Katie Rosenfeld

#7 Barrie Benson

#8 Lynn Morgan

#9 Bill Eubanks

#10 Katie Rosenfeld

Last Monday I posted photos of gorgeous living rooms with blue and white and asked readers to choose a favorite.  That's what I'm doing today with dining rooms.  I'll be doing bedrooms next week.  I can't wait to post all of the winning rooms in the Blue and White Monday post the week after.  It will be so interesting for me to see all the rooms you chose together in one post.  Please take a second this week to vote for a dining room, and share which you chose and why.  This week, I have a room I'm predicting will win.  I can't wait to see if I'm right!


Happy Sunday!


Carolyne Roehm  from A Passion For Blue and White


Minty and Fresh


Pastels are everywhere and mint seems to be at the forefront.  These images are all from House Beautiful .  I'm seeing mint for apparel and interiors.  Are you a fan?


Divine de Gournay, and Customer Photos


I thought that Friday would be a lovely day to share these lovely images.  Can you even believe the gorgeousness?  I've always loved hand painted Chinese wallpaper.  It's everywhere now, but that doesn't diminish it's lure for me.  These are all from de Gournay.  Do you have a favorite here?

Julie, from Mimosa Lane, sent me these amazing pictures from a feature which I so very much appreciate.  What she did with my prints is incredible.  And aren't you seriously impressed with her styling skills?  Be sure to check out Mimosa Lane here.  It's a fantastic blog.  Julie and Albertina have lovely taste and are very interesting ladies


Bedrooms Then and Now


David Kaihoi

I did three posts at the beginning of March on changing styles and tastes in interior design.  One on foyers, one on living rooms, and one on dining rooms.  I had looked through some of my older design books and was struck by how much my tastes had broadened.  I posted photos of specific pages I had marked in the older books along with photos of what I'm liking now.  In the former posts, I have to say that while I'm drawn to the newer look, I still love the older, too.  In the case of the bedroom then and now, it's pretty much just the now for me.  I needed a break from scanning pages in the older design books, so I didn't get around to finishing with the bedrooms until now.  Please share your thoughts.  When I did this series, it was so interesting to read your comments.  I had a very perceptive reader list for me the specific elements I'm drawn to now just from looking at the pictures I posted.  I couldn't have verbalized it as it was just subconscious for me.  But, it was so helpful for me to know specifically.  Please tell me what you're thinking about how styles have changed.  Have your preferences changed?

The following three are from my older design books.


Southern Style

Brunschwig and Fils

The below photos are bedrooms I love now.  I could be happy in each of them.

David Cafiero

Alessandra Branca

Kendall Wilkenson

Phoebe Howard

Miles Redd

Mary McDonald

Amanda Nisbet
Betsy Burnham from Western Interiors

Atlanta Homes Magazine

So are you a then, now, or both person?


Pinterest Questions and Magazine Wrap Up



Are any of you not on Pinterest?  It seems like we all are, but maybe there are hold outs among us.  What's your primary focus on there?  Mine is interior design, but when I follow people that also pin food, I see it, too.  And it looks delicious!  Does Pinterest ever make you hungry?  White cake is a weakness, but coconut cake is my downfall.    


I had a reader comment recently about the fantastic recipes she gets on Pinterest.  I thought that was interesting, and what a convenient source.  I'm there already.  Do you have any recommendations for food boards?

I got lots of good feedback yesterday about magazines, and it was interesting to see the consensus.  House Beautiful is a favorite.  Veranda and Traditional Home are not riveting.  There was disagreement on AD.  On this, I have to say that my parents always took both AD and Southern Accents, and I grew up flipping those pages.  I always enjoyed Southern Accents more.  I subscribed for a time to AD, but it's not as relatable for me.  Coastal Living was suggested, and I'm going to try it.  Town and Country was mentioned, too.  I subscribed to that in the past also, and found that I was mostly coveting the jewelry, so I gave it up.  Thank you for the suggestions.  While I adore the online mags, I still love getting one in the mail.  And how I need it in that carpool line!



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