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David Kaihoi

I did three posts at the beginning of March on changing styles and tastes in interior design.  One on foyers, one on living rooms, and one on dining rooms.  I had looked through some of my older design books and was struck by how much my tastes had broadened.  I posted photos of specific pages I had marked in the older books along with photos of what I'm liking now.  In the former posts, I have to say that while I'm drawn to the newer look, I still love the older, too.  In the case of the bedroom then and now, it's pretty much just the now for me.  I needed a break from scanning pages in the older design books, so I didn't get around to finishing with the bedrooms until now.  Please share your thoughts.  When I did this series, it was so interesting to read your comments.  I had a very perceptive reader list for me the specific elements I'm drawn to now just from looking at the pictures I posted.  I couldn't have verbalized it as it was just subconscious for me.  But, it was so helpful for me to know specifically.  Please tell me what you're thinking about how styles have changed.  Have your preferences changed?

The following three are from my older design books.


Southern Style

Brunschwig and Fils

The below photos are bedrooms I love now.  I could be happy in each of them.

David Cafiero

Alessandra Branca

Kendall Wilkenson

Phoebe Howard

Miles Redd

Mary McDonald

Amanda Nisbet
Betsy Burnham from Western Interiors

Atlanta Homes Magazine

So are you a then, now, or both person?



Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

It seems as though your current likes contain mostly traditional linens, beds and fabrics but have added contemporary touches. I noticed it especially in the night tables and benches.
I have kept by bedroom totally trad but gotten rid of the duvet and cover opting for lightweight quilts instead. Personally, I love coronets but I think I will stick to putting them in my daughters' rooms.

The enchanted home said...

This makes me want to go back to sleep and play hooky for a few days!! My bedroom is SO important to me, these are so beautiful and the funny thing is I totally favor the oldies but goodies, the really traditional ones wiht all their pomp and circumstance, ala Scalamandre and Brunschwig and Fils...GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I truly appreciate the "newer" looks that have sprinklings of more transitional touches but my personal style is just more traditional...but when done well its all good:)

Belle on Heels said...

I know what you mean. I went through a phase where I got really into a decorating style that was a bit different from my older, more traditional style. I think now I'm kind of in a happy medium stage, where I still prefer an overall classic/traditional style, but with some trendy/modern touches so it feels current.

Sanity Fair said...

I've often worried about being too "trendy" in my decorating, and that my tastes will change, etc., but I finally just decided to stop caring, embrace what I love now, and figure out ways to make it work later. I'm struck by the differences between the old and the new posts above. If anything, the new rooms have MORE in them, more contrasting patterns, more color, and the overall affect is striking and bold. But they're still less busy than the older designs - every surface is so matched, the eye has fewer places to rest. I feel like the old rooms let you make up your mind, but the new ones say "Look Here!"

The Pink Pagoda said...

Interesting. I think also that the newer rooms aren't as serious and "important" looking. I take myself less and less seriously the older I get and seem to feel more comfortable in more casual rooms.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh my goodness, Jennifer!
This is the kind of post that makes us want to go home and re-do the bedroom. Luscious to say the least! I have never been a big fan on wallpaper, but recently that is all I can think about. I love them all, 3,4,8, one 9 are my favorites. It is pinning time!
Happy Thursday.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Hi Tina, I looked back at those photos and decided that in the case of the Brunschwig and Fils room, if the mirror were switched with an abstract with pretty colors and the fringe was removed, I would totally love it. A gilt Chinoiserie mirror would be gorgeous there, too. I just really don't like that mirror!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Ha! I think keeping the coronet in the daughter's room is a wise choice.

Kim said...

The first three are gorgeous and like the mahogany dining table, matching chairs and sideboards that we all grew up with, when my age group got married, we were convinced we needed that too. Now we have all chucked it, well, maybe keeping a piece or two. But sent it off in favor of something with more personality ... we finally feel free to incorporate how we like to live. That's what the later bedrooms say to me ... "I am still beautiful and traditional, but I have a little fun with my life now and have let my hair down"!! I wish my bedroom looked like any of them!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Now I just want to take out a small loan and buy some incredible bedding. God I love bedding. These are great photos. And I'm with you, I much prefer the now pics. Especially the Miles Redd. Who am I kidding, I'd take any of them! :)

The Pink Pagoda said...

YES!! When I got married and started collecting furniture I did think I had to have the mahogany 18th Century-ish pieces. Now, all that brown is too much! You have summed up the way I feel perfectly!

Nancy said...

Im still stuck on your coconut your images of bedrooms, though!

Karena said...

I am now liking more color and less fussiness..

Art by Karena

Junell said...

As much as I love color I want peace & calm in my bedroom.
Usually shades of white & pink.
Love Amanda's peachy room & "Unknown" is right up my alley of relaxing & reading.
All are very pretty.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

OK, so I have died and gone to heaven. Love that first image. So glad I found your blog!


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