Blue and White Monday + Christmas Puppies


Carolyn Roehm

I can't get enough of pink and red flowers in a blue and white container.  Both of Carolyn Roehm's books, Flowers and A Passion for Flowers, are on my Christmas wishlist.  

This, and the following seven photos, are from a gorgeous Meg Braff house in Bermuda decorated for Christmas.

This is a digital pic of a Christmas and Holiday card I sell in my store.

Do you remember my customer who had the beautiful house that I featured a few weeks ago?  We all thought her house looked like it might be located in Virginia.  To see it go here.  She asked me to create some cards for her with blue jars instead of green.  I thought it was a great idea.  I'll offer them next Christmas as an option.  She was so lovely to frame one of them and send me this photo.  I'm so fortunate to have the lovely, thoughtful, generous customers that I do!

We already have this little cutie pie, but Pinterest is oh-so-powerful!  I've seen the following photos lately and am wanting a Christmas puppy!  Aren't they adorable?!!

I'm taking time to be with my family until after the 1st.  If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a Merry, Merry holiday.  Thank you so very much for visiting me here.  I appreciate you all greatly!


Chinoiserie Christmas


I'm sharing the beautiful Chinoiserie home of Cheryl today.  I got to know Cheryl when she purchased my Pink Willow Heart cards and used them as invitations for a lovely bridesmaid luncheon she hosted. She shared the photos with me, and I featured the party here.  Cheryl has lovely taste and is a fellow fan of Chinoiserie.  I was so appreciative to get to share her gorgeous house decorated for Christmas with you today!

I love all of her fun Chinoiserie ornaments!

Chinoiserie and Christmas work beautifully together.  Isn't Cheryl's tree and home beautiful?  To see more Chinoiserie Christmas pretty, visit Beth, of Chinoiserie Chic.  She's been sharing her Chinoiserie Christmas decor and it's a must see if you haven't already!


Sun Sets in the West


Sun Sets in the West is the title of this beautiful painting by artist Yulia Luchkina available on Saatchi Online.  You can purchase the original which is 14.2x14.2 for $2000, or you can buy a 16x16 print for $48.  I haven't purchased yet, but I think I have to have a print.  The pinks are glorious.  What do you think?


Around Town -- Jonathan Adler


This past weekend I had lunch on Knox here in Dallas at Chuy's (pronouned chewie's).  It's right across the street from the Jonathan Adler Store and I've been admiring the two JA totes my sister has.  I thought I'd run in and see if there's one I could add to my Christmas wishlist (not like my sister's -- how lame for us to run around town with the same bag).

She has the two above.

I found this one which I LOVE.  What do you think?

While there, I thought I'd snap some photos to share with you.  Since I was there last, much is different.  I absolutely love this light fixture and the fun art over the sofa.  If I tried to make my house look like this, though, I'd appear crazy.  My house is a Colonial Revival and the architecture is very obvious.  It cannot go swank.  But, it's fun to look.  If I had a ranch, I'd want to incorporate a bit of swanky.

Are you a JA fan?  While his mid-century, happy, colorful and bold vibe won't work in my house, I enjoy going into the store and seeing all the new things he's doing.  


Blue and White Monday


Today I'm sharing some very beautiful holiday interiors where blue and white is featured.  The above is Carolyne Roehm, of course.  Just stunning, right?

Meg Braff via Chinoiserie Chic

Michelle Nussbaumer

Southern Accents via Chinoiserie Chic

via Houzz

Traditional Home

Traditional Home

Miles Redd

I know you've seen and seen this a million times, but how can I not include it?  It's my all time favorite interior design Christmas image.


Moving Very Slowly


Never since I've been a homeowner have I taken so long to move the holidays along.  For some reason, Christmas is happening at a snail's pace at my house this year.  And that's okay.  We can't all be perfect.  I volunteer to be the public low achiever to make anyone else who seems to be creeping along feel better.  The above is in my entrance hall.  I've had the Nativity Scene up since the Friday after Thanksgiving, but just got around to adding the wreath yesterday.  What about you?  Are you all decorated and ready to go?  It's an absolutely beautiful day here in Dallas, and I'm going to the new Clyde Warren Park where my daughter's performing in a Christmas program.  It's very doubtful I'll be very productive.  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow!  Enjoy your weekend!


A Tony Duquette Chinoiserie Christmas -- OH MY!


Skyla Freeman, from Sanity Fair, is here today sharing her gorgeous, fun, Chinoiserie Christmas tree with us.  Skyla has some seriously chic taste.  I love her blog, Sanity Fair, and her apartment is absolutely incredible.  It's been featured in The Washington Post which you can see here.  

I may or may not have gotten carried away decorating for Christmas this year:  it's a Tony Duquette Chinoiserie Tree! Yes, I went there... it started innocently enough, with a trip to Hobby Lobby, but then again, a lot of insane decisions have been made in Hobby Lobbys. Before I knew it, I was painting starburst shaped ornaments with gold glitter.

And decorating my blue and white plates with "coral".

Tony Duquette's decorations at the Palazzo Brandolini (more HERE).

Even the tree stand is chinoiserie - a little blue and white ginger jar repurposed for the job. I wrapped gifts in a bamboo-patterned paper from Paper Mojo, and bound them up with gold or greek key ribbons.
A view of the tree and dining table (no, I'm not eating there right now!). 

 Pagodas, lanterns, green tea, chinese knots, lucky kitties, and a smattering of foo dogs... 
A few favorite ornaments - a take-out box, geisha doll, and especially the little blue willow plate, found at George Washington's Mt. Vernon gift shop last year.

Have a Merry Over-the-Top Christmas!

Thanks for being here today, Skyla!  I LOVE your tree, and really everything about your entire apartment!  To see more of Skyla and Sanity Fair, go here.

Happy Friday!


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