Around Town -- Jonathan Adler

This past weekend I had lunch on Knox here in Dallas at Chuy's (pronouned chewie's).  It's right across the street from the Jonathan Adler Store and I've been admiring the two JA totes my sister has.  I thought I'd run in and see if there's one I could add to my Christmas wishlist (not like my sister's -- how lame for us to run around town with the same bag).

She has the two above.

I found this one which I LOVE.  What do you think?

While there, I thought I'd snap some photos to share with you.  Since I was there last, much is different.  I absolutely love this light fixture and the fun art over the sofa.  If I tried to make my house look like this, though, I'd appear crazy.  My house is a Colonial Revival and the architecture is very obvious.  It cannot go swank.  But, it's fun to look.  If I had a ranch, I'd want to incorporate a bit of swanky.

Are you a JA fan?  While his mid-century, happy, colorful and bold vibe won't work in my house, I enjoy going into the store and seeing all the new things he's doing.  

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