Naomi Stein -- Design Manifest

I'm sharing some of the work of the very talented Naomi Stein from Design Manifest today.  Every photo in her portfolio is gorgeous.  I've got lots of beautiful examples of her work here, but there's even more to see here.

The photo above and the remaining images are are from Naomi's former loft.  What she did with it is amazing.  This particular image had me transfixed when I first saw it.  You know I love pink and blue, but did you know I also love pink and red?  And the contrast of the white with that blue paint color is incredible.  

I've been following Naomi for awhile on her blog and have been so impressed with all of her work.  Can you imagine how surprised and excited I was to learn that she had featured one of my phone cases and one of my prints in to & from?  Then, I saw that she'd featured one of my prints on Design Sponge.  Of course, I was thrilled and so very appreciative!  I'm looking forward to seeing what Naomi does with her new cottage.  I know already that whatever she does, it will be fantastic.

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