Dallas Interior Designers and HGTV

The four photos above are Michelle Nussbaumer

The four above are Jan Showers

 Susan Palma

These five are Martensen-Jones

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon an HGTV show that I'd heard about, but hadn't seen.  Since the show has "Dallas" in its title, I was curious and watched.  I was very surprised to learn (Google) that the designer the show features is really not based in Dallas, and the homes she decorates aren't either.  She's actually in Bedford, which is 40 miles away.  The home she was working on in the episode I saw was somewhere far outside of the city.  There was even footage from that episode that I recognized from Fort Worth.  I looked at HGTV's site for the show and saw that it talks about Dallas homeowners pimping out their homes and bringing on the bling. I'm not sure what I think about HGTV being so blatantly misleading with the title and premise of this show.  

Dallas has so many amazingly talented interior designers.  I posted the photos above to show examples of some of their lovely work.  There are so many more incredible Dallas designers that this post could go on and on.  

The three photos above are all from Horchow.com and are toned-down examples of what this HGTV show portrays as Dallas design.  I'm sure that this misrepresentation creates ratings, and there are those who are watching as fans of the ostentation, and those who are watching to laugh.  Regardless, it's not in any way an accurate representation of the talented interior designers who call Dallas home.

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