Dallas Interior Designers and HGTV


The four photos above are Michelle Nussbaumer

The four above are Jan Showers

 Susan Palma

These five are Martensen-Jones

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon an HGTV show that I'd heard about, but hadn't seen.  Since the show has "Dallas" in its title, I was curious and watched.  I was very surprised to learn (Google) that the designer the show features is really not based in Dallas, and the homes she decorates aren't either.  She's actually in Bedford, which is 40 miles away.  The home she was working on in the episode I saw was somewhere far outside of the city.  There was even footage from that episode that I recognized from Fort Worth.  I looked at HGTV's site for the show and saw that it talks about Dallas homeowners pimping out their homes and bringing on the bling. I'm not sure what I think about HGTV being so blatantly misleading with the title and premise of this show.  

Dallas has so many amazingly talented interior designers.  I posted the photos above to show examples of some of their lovely work.  There are so many more incredible Dallas designers that this post could go on and on.  

The three photos above are all from Horchow.com and are toned-down examples of what this HGTV show portrays as Dallas design.  I'm sure that this misrepresentation creates ratings, and there are those who are watching as fans of the ostentation, and those who are watching to laugh.  Regardless, it's not in any way an accurate representation of the talented interior designers who call Dallas home.



Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I'm not from Dallas so I don't know how much weight my opinion holds but if I lived in Dallas I'd be annoyed.
I watched about a minute of the show and decided that the tacky, overdone interiors did not interest me. If I didn't know better, I would think that Texans had no idea how to do an understated look or worse, I might think that this style was in good taste.
I am not a fan of HGTV in general.

My Crafty Home-Life said...

You just made my day a little easier. I have the first image that you posted torn from a magazine. I wanted to pull it out and study it for a project. Now, I just pinned yours! Thanks.

Tiffany said...

I haven't seen the show and I'm not really familiar with specific designers, but I definitely recognize the work in some of the above pictures. Now I know that Dallas has a lot of talent:)
And, no, I don't think they should be misleading. If it's not Dallas based, then it's not Dallas based. Period.

Vickie H. said...

As a long-time Dallas resident I completely agree with you that we have some awe-inspiring designers who have amazing work to their credit. Shame on HGTV for showcasing that stuff and calling it Dallas. No doubt they are playing to a demographic that hardly knows the difference. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I watched one time and was very disappointed they used Dallas to promote these tacky designs. Should be called Donna Decorates Generic McMansions with Rooms to Go Decor.

ann chamberlain said...

I am not a fan of Donna Does Dallas. I think so much of it is in questionable taste and terribly expensive.
I am drawn to the rooms by Michelle Nussbaumer and Cathy Kincaid. I am not from Dallas and would be annoyed by the title of the show.

Titti @ Shoestring Pavilion said...

I think Donna was on Design star and that's probably why she ended up getting her own show. She was eliminated from Design star pretty quickly and earned the nickname The tchotchke queen while there. TV is TV and Donna Decorates Dallas probably just sounded better than Donna Decorates Bedford, and really, if you don't live here you wouldn't know or care about the difference. I don't particularly like her style but I watch the show because I like that she certainly doesn't do mainstream decorating :) That and the fact that she's local (ok, semi local :))

Kappa Prep said...

How odd that they are calling a show Dallas that has NOTHING to do with the city! I love the work fo Jan Showers and she is such a lovely person, but Cathy Kincaid is by far my favorite Dallas designer. She is the lovliest person as well!!

Anonymous said...

Just read this. Didn't ever see the show. I am not from Dallas... I am batting 10000% right now... but Dallas does show some great designers! Jan Showers, Cathy Kinkaid, Ann Schooler, Michelle Nussbaumer, Ashley Triplehorn Hunt (rising star), Emily Summmers!! Joe Minton-okay fine he's fort worth but some of his designs have made it to the east coast particularly Newport, RI and they are totally swoon worthy. I think that Dallas and TX in general can be easily labeled as overdone-heavy-too traditional--but it just takes a little bit of eye opening to the really the talent that resides in Dallas.

Glitter said...

I love bling as much as the next person, but Donna's bling looks cheap. She needs to dial it back. Anywho, the only designer I know in Dallas is Jan Showers.


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