Interior Designer Kathleen DiPaolo

While playing on Pinterest, I started noticing a name that kept popping up.  It seemed that a user named Kathleen DiPaolo and I had remarkably similar taste.  We were pinning lots of the same images.  I knew I recognized her name, so I went through my list of customers on Etsy and found her.  I looked more closely at her boards and realized that she's an interior designer in California.  I was excited to have these lovely images to share with you and know about a new (to me) and talented designer.  

All of the above images are from her website.

Be sure to check out her gorgeous boards on Pinterest.  I'm showcasing two of them below.  The first is a photo from her board "Girls Rooms" and was pinned via VT Interiors.

The second is from "Dining" and was pinned via House Of Fifty.

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