Broadening Tastes: The Living Room


I'm looking through old and new design books comparing pages I bookmarked.  It's been fun seeing how interior design has changed through the years.  Today I'm sharing living room photos.  I love the rooms from my older books and my newer books.  This isn't an either/or thing!  In fact, the rooms in the older and newer books look very similar.  

The next eight images are from older books.

The next ten are from my newer books.

The next six images are living spaces I'm liking now.  They aren't from books, though I wish I had books from these designers!

Katie Rosenfeld

Palmer Weiss

Meg Braff

Meg Braff

Jamie Drake

Miles Redd

So what are your thoughts?  Do you like any of these rooms?  



Kathleen said...

The last two posts have been so fun! I grew up in a very traditional house with parents who collect antiques, so traditional design has always felt good to me. However, being back in California and living near the beach has introduced me to a fun, fresh, beachy minimalist style. What does this mean? I love traditional with cleaner lines, relaxed fabrics, fresh color and no clutter. The no clutter thing-that's in my dreams! Keep up the great posts! xo, Kathleen

The enchanted home said...

Not a bad one in the bunch...old and new! I love old world traditional but do like to see a bit of something current in them to make them feel updated and fresh. This was a great idea to see how your taste has evolved......and fun too. Thanks for sharing all the beauty....

Brooke said...

What a fabulous series! Great to see that the essential elements of great design stay the same, even when colours, shapes and patterns change.

Anonymous said...

I love your art work. The colors you've chosen are so bright, happy and refreshing - love to keep up with TPP. Diane


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