Changing Tastes: Then and Now; The Foyer/Entrance

All of my design books are out in our family room where I spend the most time.  This past weekend, I took out some of my older books and enjoyed seeing what I had bookmarked years and years ago.  It really highlighted for me how much my taste in interior design has broadened over time.  And, of course, how styles have evolved.  I would have predicted that my tastes would have grown more conservative over time, but the opposite has happened instead.  My taste started out very conservative and traditional and is now much more casual, colorful and eclectic.  I absolutely still adore these photos I bookmarked years ago.  I thought it would be interesting to post some then and now photos to share and hear what you think.  I'll be sharing lots of gorgeous photos this week starting with the foyer/entrance hall.  The first six come from lovely books I haven't had out for years.  What a treat to see these rooms again.


The seven photos below are from my newer design books.

Michelle Nussbaumer

Miles Redd

Jonathan Berger

Tomorrow I'll share then and now dining rooms. It's so interesting to me to see the gorgeous classic rooms I've always adored, and the bold, more eclectic rooms I seem to find so appealing now.  If I had the option to redo my house, I think a balance between the two would be perfect for me.  Have your interior design tastes changed through the years, or do you stay consistent?  Please share!

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