Dallas Market

I ran into Market yesterday on a quick errand and spotted this exhibitor.  OH. MY.  Julian Mejia is just here for the week and I'm so happy I happened by.  I explained that I was a blogger and asked if I could take some photos.  They couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating.   The items were so incredibly displayed that I couldn't resist taking lots of pics.  They are so amazingly graphic that I also couldn't resist some creative cropping.  I'm wanting all of this.  

I also happened upon the Lamp Works display.  I would have taken more photos here, but I'm fairly certain these lamps hold the secret to world peace.  Or immortality.  Something very important judging by the way the man was guarding them.  From threatening ladies like me.

After I took these pillow photos, I was distracted by someone talking to me (ADD) and forgot to find out what line this is.  I may go back today to see more and find out about these.  You can see that they're pretty, but they were better in person.  So, what do you think?  Anything here you like?  

Happy Friday!

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