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Are you familiar with Linda, of My Crafty Home Life?  I met her when she was the winner of one of my prints in a giveaway.  We emailed back and forth about the colors and got to be friends.  She has a daughter the same age as mine, and we like to chat about that as well as blogging.  I used to be so surprised by what I would see on her blog.  The projects she tackles are unbelievable.  Seriously, Linda has crazy DIY skills and is not intimidated by any project.  Now, I'm still amazed, but have gotten over the shock and awe of a non-DIYer seeing what is possible from a friend like Linda.

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to do your own upholstery?  Linda guest posted on Tobi Fairley's blog and shared a DIY chair makeover.  See it here.

How fun is a pagoda pelmet?  Linda did a guest post on Chinoiserie Chic and gave a tutorial on how to make one yourself.  See it here.

I found this china cabinet soon after I got married.  It's Baker from the 20s, and the finish wasn't the prettiest when I found it.  I had it refinished.  Now, I'm feeling ambivalent about the sea of mahogany that is my dining room.  Linda redid her china cabinet and it looks fantastic, of course.  See that post here.

If you're a regular, you know about the One Room Challenge.  Linda created it and very graciously included me.  I've asked her about that, along with a few other questions.

How did you become so skilled in so many areas of home improvement?

How did I become so skilled:, Thank you for the compliment. When I was in middle school, I took sewing as an elective (wow that dates me). Later, I worked in a fabric store and would sew some of the displays. Fast forward; when we bought our first home, it needed a lot of work. I had a retired handy man for a neighbor. He loved helping me with various projects. He taught me a lot. Frankly, I was the "son" he never had. As for upholstery; I would take upholstery class one evening a week, through the Adult Education department at a local High School. I did that on and off for five years. Honestly, It was a DIY-ers version of Ladies Night Out. The more mistakes I make, the more I learn.

How did you have the idea for The One Room Challenge?

The One Room Challenge; I was blog hopping and would continue to see a constant theme, nobody had a finished room. No judgement, my entire house is unfinished! So I thought, what if we all worked together, and encouraged each-other to finish a room? Peer pressure can be a great motivator. I emailed Kim to see if she thought it was a good idea. She loved it, and gave me the courage to approach total strangers and ask them to participate. If you remember, the working title for that was "Finish THAT Room"...shortly after the first group email, I renamed it.

What do like best about blogging?

What I like best about blogging. Honestly, meeting amazingly talented women with mutual interests. I know that if I blog about a project dilemma or a design question, I will get multiple perspectives that I never would have thought of. How cool is that?

Tell me about your exciting new Lowe's opportunity?

the Lowe's thing.... Lowe's invited me to be one of their Creative Ideas garden bloggers. Once a month, for six months, I will be participating in garden blogging challenges sponsored by Lowe's. I will also be having Lowe's Gift Card giveaways to my followers, periodically.

So, as you're reading this, are you thinking, "really, gardening too?"  Yes.  As if all the DIY skills aren't enough, she's also got an absolutely beautiful garden and serious gardening skills.  You can see some of her gardening posts here and here.

I'm so appreciative to have Linda as a friend.  Besides having all these crazy skills, she is a lovely person.  I'm so happy to be able to share her with you!



My Crafty Home Life said...

Jennifer, this was so kind of you. Thank you for this, and being the best blogging friend a girl could have. You and I are quite the "odd" couple.

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

Linda is fabulous. I am so jealous of her skills. Been meaning to make that pagoda pelmet too.

Jessie said...

I have been admiring her mad DIY skills for a while. I wish I had half her skills! Is there anything that Linda can't do? Her husband is definitely a lucky guy!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I adore Linda and the cherry on top - she makes me laugh. Any woman who can put 2 contractors to shame with her mad crown molding skills is aces in my book! :) A great feature!

The enchanted home said...

Wow she sounds like quite the dynamo, absolutely going to pop over in a minute. So THAT'S what the one room challenge is! I kept seeing it but was cofused as to what it was all about! I am impressed with her array of gorgeous and sophisticated!!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Thanks for the introduction for us new bloggers! It sounds like Linda is very talented and, loves to share. I'm heading over to her blog now.
Have a great weekend.

classic • casual • home said...

So much fun...I love to read My Crafty Home Life. It's funny as my house is so tiny...most of my rooms are finished! Linda is a great inspiration.

Lauren (The Cottage Mix) said...

Linda is inspiring! I'm so excited to be getting to know her through the One Room Challenge. Great post!

Nancy said...

So glad you did a tribute to Linda. She is amazingly talented and motivated. She inspires me to do more. I am proud to have become friends with her and you, Jennifer!
Have a great weekend.

Emily said...

I have known Linda for 25 years...yikes that "dates" both of us...we were roomies in our 20's and then we moved to different parts of the country and lost touch for a bit (marriage, children, jobs. etc)...blogging brought us together again!! One of the best things about it! She is a dynamo in everything she does! Her mad DIY skills are amazing...but she is even a more amazing person! Lovely post!

Kim said...

love that Linda! She rocks in the DIY world and I wouldn't have been able to get my blog going if not for her!

Nicole Scott said...

Linda is truly the nicest most generous blogger I've met on my own blog journey. Her warmth comes through her posts like an old friend and that is rare. You are so right Jennifer, her DIY skills are amazing!

Lisa Mende said...

jennifer you are pretty amazing yourself! Thanks for telling us more about Linda. I love blogging because of meeting the nicest people like both of you! I have enjoyed the one room challenge so much because our entire group is so nice and supportive! love it! thanks again! p.s. Linda is amazing!

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

So happy to be introduced to the One Room Challenge and finding links to other excellent decorators (meaning Pink Pagoda plus her friends!!!). Thanks so much for sharing!

Barbara Matson said...

I love Linda too. Enough said!


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