One Room Challenge Update


These pinch pleat panels are what I'm hoping mine will look like.  In my family room that I'm redoing for the One Room Challenge in case you haven't been here before.  Cynthia Collins designed this room and is here in Dallas.  She has amazingly fantastic taste.  Her house was featured in this month's D Home, and Elizabeth, of Pretty Pink Tulips, posted about it here.  If you didn't see it, you really must.  

Wednesday, in my ORC post, I mentioned my new hardware possibly being too bright for me.   I'm over that now.  My husband held it up for me to see where it would be installed and I loved it.  I'm actually fine with shiny brass furniture.  In fact, I'd love to have some.  Like maybe a brass and glass Parsons table or Jan Shower's Harrison Table.  I just was a bit nervous imagining it over the windows.  The photo above shows that it's installed in the room now.  

I ran across this yesterday on Pinterest.  It caught my attention because of the windows flanking the fireplace.  It's the configuration of my room and the hardware is almost exactly like what I did.  This is a photo taken from a video where Emily Henderson is doing a great tutorial on mantel styling.  See it here.

Here is my Wall of Shame.  I photoshopped the white rectangles over the chairs because the prints that were hanging there no longer are.  For the One Room Challenge, I was supposed to finish a room in 6 weeks.  This entire wall has not, and will not change in any meaningful way before the ORC wrap up on Wednesday.  The good news for me is that I do have a plan.  It involves putting a chest on the middle wall.  Finding one I love has not been easy.  And I need some wall shelves/brackets for over the chairs.  Finding some that I like and have the depth that I need hasn't been easy either.  I've also been looking for upholstery for the red lacquer chairs.   The colors I need are pale blue and pink with a touch of red, navy and brighter pink.  That's a tall order, I've discovered.  I tried to design some myself on Spoonflower, but when my sample arrived in the mail, the blues were nothing like the blues in the file I uploaded.  They went way toward the green and that won't work for me.  Very disappointing.  And the mirror needs to be changed.  Some ideas on that, but nothing definitive.  I'm addressing the Wall of Shame today, because Wednesday, the final week of ORC, I'm going to focus on the positive.  I'll share what I end up doing.  I know that with the rest of the room done, it's going to drive me crazy to not have this wall finished.

A lovely customer of my blue and white porcelain shop sent me this beautiful photo that shows the ginger jars she purchased displayed in her gorgeous dining room.  After The One Room Challenge is over, I will be updating the store and sharing more from there with you.

Happy Friday!



Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

See Brass is in! Out/In---it is hard to keep up! All the brass hardware items that were dumped are not HOT! Go figure?
I have sprayed my life gold over the last year! Started with Christmas ornaments for a Holiday Tour and hasn't stopped yet.

Jessie said...

I love your brass curtain rod! It's beautiful and nothing like the shiny hardware you showed us the other day. Definitely keep it this way. Emily Hendersen has a fabulous sense of style, great minds do think alike!

Don't worry about the wall of shame, I might not finished our room and am likely to have a room of shame on Wednesday! We will see. Lol.

Happy weekend, Jennifer!


Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

thanks so much for the mention in your post last night about meg braff! I didn't end up with any meg braff okl loot! Your ORC reveal is going to be excellent...and better to find what you're exactly looking for than to throw things together just for the reveal! That room is fabulous as it is!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love the brass rod, it will be fantastic. I am also realizing that you have vintage planking on that wall. That is my favorite kind. When I was growing up in CA, all the ranches had it...except ours. My dream was to have a long ranch house, and after the kids leave, I think I will. No wall of shame here...only a bit more to do. Just be happy with how far you have come in 6 weeks...incredible!

home before dark said...

Yes to the brass rod. I am totally over the thin metal rods that look like shower curtains! Can't wait to see your new room filled with your special happy colors.


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