Interior Designer Kathleen DiPaolo's House Tour


Kathleen is one of my sweetest, friendliest, most encouraging customers.  She's also an amazing interior designer based in California.  She's purchased prints and stationery.  I've gotten to know her through Etsy, blogging, (she has an incredible blog called Pacific Family Homes) and through Pinterest.  She sent me a customer photo a week or so ago, and I asked her to send me any other photos she had on hand and convenient.  I told her I wanted to use the customer photo in a feature of her work.  What she did was send these fantastic photos of her house and provide a narrative.  I am so grateful, and excited to share her gorgeous, colorful Chinoiserie filled house!  Enjoy!

This is my living room. I have a vintage bamboo lamps on the right and left. The one on the left was in my living room as a child:-) The other is an Etsy purchase- vintage 60s made in Italy. I wish you could see the gigantic coffee table with my china man in the center. Very cute guy!  The elephant pillows (short lumbars on the sofa) and the yellow tiger pillows were from a trip to Thailand where I visited the Jim Thompson stores and outlets. I collect impressionist paintings and am always searching the consignments stores and Etsy for some finds. I just add them to the walls!  The mantel is a beam from a Wisconsin barn.

This is my gigantic dining room. Haha!! I love the bamboo sea grass wallpaper and my crazy capiz ball I found in a shell store, where it wasn’t for sale:) The China man has come along with me for a long ride. It has been in my office and three homes. The screen on the left actually used to me in my office and then was my headboard in my last house. The dining table and chairs are very, very old.

This is my master. Love my China Seas wallpaper and green pagoda bookcase.
This is the other view of my bedroom. My headboard, skirt and window treatments are also made of fabric I LUGGED back from Thailand after a visit to the Jim Thompson outlet. Sooo funny losing circulation in all my fingers:)

This is my son Christopher’s room. He loves his hanging bed and the hang out space underneath. It needs a new comforter but that is another day!

Short break from Kathleen's tour.  I told her I would take the photo above and the next two from her blog.  She recently featured them in a post about HGTV coming to her house for filming of a new series called ChildStyle with Rebecca Woolf.  They used this room that Kathleen designed for her daughter.

Her daughter's name is Posy, and she must be jumping up and down excited that her room will be on HGTV.  Kathleen's post about the crew filming at her house is very interesting.  See it here.  Now, back to Kathleen.

This is my son Christopher’s room. He loves his hanging bed and the hang out space underneath. It needs a new comforter but that is another day!

This is my boys’ bathroom. These are used nautical maps that I bought for nothing and had my wallpaper guy put them up.

Here is my bath. I still have plans, but I had the vanity made and had mirror put in the doors to invite more light in there. Help! Light, please come in and make my bathroom feel larger!! Haha!

The elephant (Pink Pagoda print) keeps the little Chinese men around the mirror company!!  I got those hand towels in Thailand where I last rode an elephant. Haha:-).  It's my ode to the elephant!

The two images above are of Kathleen's bathroom in her last house.  It was featured in this month's Better Homes and Gardens.  You can read about it in her post here.

Kathleen is very, very busy.  She's working on multiple houses now and already has a fantastic portfolio.
Be sure to check out her website, Pacific Family Homes.  Thanks so much, Kathleen, for sharing your beautiful house!



My Crafty Home Life said...

Anything California....and I'm all in. I love all of her ideas and spaces. This is my idea of perfection...chinoiserie mixed with plank walls. The balance of elegance and comfort is killing me. LOVE IT!~

Limezinnias Design said...

I love these images. I especially like how well curated and collected the house feels. The nautical paper in the boys bathroom is a standout. The color is perfect. Now, I am going to go check out her blog! Thanks!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I am nuts for that little boys bedroom and the nautical bath.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Kathleen is the coolest! And talented, kind, worldly, etc, etc! I've been a follower and fan of her blog and Pinterest boards for a long time. Your home is awesome, K! I love all the art in the living room.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Thanks for introducing her. Love her style!

Albertina said...

My favorite was the boy's room!! How cool to have a high hanging bed. I loved the dining room as well. Beautiful home and such a lovely lady.

Nancy said...

wow Jennifer, I had no idea how gorgeous her rooms are! Thanks for sharing this, I love this designer.

Kathleen said...

How do I adore you?! Thank you so much Jennifer for the amazing feature!! Thank you for all of your support, sweet friend!! Xox, K

Marti said...

Beautiful house! I love everything!

Junell said...

WOWzer ~ Love it all! The green pagoda book case is calling my name! Such fun personable rooms really makes them stand out. Maps ~ sheer genius. Thank you Jennifer for sharing.

StagerLinda said...

I bow to the master....beautiful!

Brenda Murphy said...

What a treat to now know your blog!...Well, and your beautiful products too!!! My heart races going through your posts and it's a bit overwhelming because I like so many ideas...wah! Looking forward to seeing more:) All the best, Brenda.

Eva Johnston said... are a genius! HOW can you be so intelligent and also be artistic, creative and a brilliant business woman (not to mention an awesome mom, wife and friend!) All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

Kathysue said...

Such a beautifully appointed home. So many interesting details. Thanks for sharing,

Beatrice said...

Thanks for letting us witnessed this very gorgeous home! I agree with Kathsue there's so many fascinating details going on and I really love it.


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