The Grand Hotel

Yesterday I shared some of my photos from my recent trip to Mackinac Island.  I showed from where we walked off the ferry and made our way to The Grand Hotel.  Today, I'm sharing more of my photos of the hotel.  Carleton Varney redid the interiors in the 70s.  How I wish I could have taken these photos sans people, but the hotel is quite an attraction.  

Red geraniums are a theme at the hotel which you can see in the carpet pattern.

I was so enamored of these green sofas.  The gorgeous, vibrant color doesn't show up as well in the picture.

I just couldn't stop taking photos.  There are pairs of these, and they are fantastic.  This color on the black and gold is divine.

This is walking outside to the porch, the world's largest at 660 feet.

Looking out on Lake Huron from the porch is breathtaking.  With some tea and a good book, I could be happy here for an indeterminate amount of time.  I have more photos I'll share tomorrow.  If you're interested in knowing more about the hotel and its history you can find fascinating information here.

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