Blue and White Monday -- Jim Thompson Bedroom

A designer contacted me this summer from Scott Snyder Inc. about creating eight custom prints that would coordinate with Jim Thompson's fabric Qinglong for a blue and white bedroom.  I've posted about this fabric before, but for readers who are at all familiar with me, you'd know that I'd be crazy for this fabric whether or not you saw that feature.  It's blue and white, it's Chinoiserie, and it has dragons.  What's not to love?  Of course I was ecstatic to get this commission.  

 I love the way the room was done.  This fabric makes spectacular curtains, don't you think?  And pillows, and upholstered beds.  The stripe fabric on the chair is fantastic with the Qinglong.  I'm definitely going to copy the way the prints were framed.  I'm redoing my breakfast room during the next 6 months or so and will use these eight prints there.

Did you notice that I added a watermark to the photos?  I kind of hated to do that.  The photo without the text is so much more appealing.  Maria Barros was very thoughtful to send me customer photos recently of a couple of incredible rooms where she'd used my prints.  Her work was in a color palette that I knew Erin, from House of Turquoise, would enjoy and appreciate.  I sent her an email, and she posted the images and credited the prints in the photos to me.  I was thrilled.  However, almost immediately, the photos were used on other blogs with no mention of the source or my prints, and I learned a lesson.  I have two objectives in sharing these images.  One, they're beautiful and I want to share.  Two, I want people to know the prints are mine and where to find them.  Hence, the distracting text.  What are your thoughts?  Would you add the watermark?  And what do you think about this blue and white bedroom?

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