Fall Decor

I have strong opinions regarding holiday decor.  I either really like something or I really do not.  And with fall comes the arrival of some of the holiday decor I prefer the least.  Back to that in a minute.  For now, I'll show you what I like.  Basically, anything that looks natural and uncontrived is appealing to me for exterior fall decorations.

For inside, I like the idea of using a pumpkin as a vase.

Or a drink container.

This is my favorite.  Such gorgeous colors.

So now to what I don't love.  Inflatables.  And they will be all over Dallas.  Inflatable football team mascots are here and there already.  Soon there will be spiders, pumpkins and ghosts.  Then, we'll have turkeys.  I may be offending some here, but I just don't care for inflatables.  Do you have inflatables where you live?  What do you think?

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